Committee Report on AGSA Integrated Annual Report and related matters

Standing Committee on Auditor General

21 October 2022
Chairperson: Mr S Somyo (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


Tabled Committee Reports

The Standing Committee on the Auditor-General held a virtual meeting to consider and adopt the 2021/22  Integrated Annual Report of the Auditor-General of SA.

Meeting report


The Chairperson opened the meeting and noted it was called for the Committee to consider and adopt the AGSA 2021/22 Integrated Annual Report. The Committee would also consider its minutes.

 Report of the Standing Committee on the Auditor-General on the Integrated Annual Report of the Auditor-General for the Financial Year 2021/22

The Chairperson took the Committee through the report.

Mr Z Mlenzana (ANC) highlighted a few abbreviations and recommended they be written in full. He also proposed an amendment to one Committee's recommendations.

The Chairperson raised the need for an amendment to Committee recommendation 3. The Chairperson said the post-retirement medical aid benefit scheme had not been included. The Committee had noted progress and preferred that it be handled by the Auditor-General’s office since it was more of an administrative process and not in the Committee’s purview. The Committee would only be furnished with the details of the court case.

Mr Mlenzana suggested the Chairperson’s point be included as number nine so the report has ten recommendations.

Mr N Singh (IFP) agreed that the point was to be included as the ninth recommendation because it was a matter of public interest in that it had financial implications for the office of the Auditor-General.

The Chairperson agreed.

The Committee staff said the amendments would be made and circulated again for the Chairperson’s final approval. The report would then be sent for tabling.

The report was adopted.

The minutes of 7 October 2022 were adopted with amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.




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