Revised Third Term Committee Programme

NCOP Health and Social Services

02 August 2022
Chairperson: Ms M Gillion (ANC, Western Cape)
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Meeting Summary


The Select Committee on Health and Social Services met virtually to consider and adopt its revised programme for the third term and minutes of the previous meeting.

Meeting report

The Chairperson welcomed back Members of the Committee [from recess] and requested a moment of silence in honour of Ms Jessie Duarte (Acting Secretary-General of the ANC) and all other members who passed on during the constituency period.

The Committee met to consider and adopt its third term programme and minutes. There were no apologies.

The Chairperson highlighted that before Members went on recess, the Committee adopted its programme for the third term but there were updates to the Children’s Amendment Bill which meant the programme would have to be amended.

During the term, the Committee would deal with

  • Report on youth development initiatives: Briefing by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)
  • Report on the SRD grant provision and interventions: Briefing by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)
  • Progress Report on the implementation of the child Support Grant (top-up) for orphans in the care of relatives: Briefing by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)
  • Local Government Wekk
  • Taking Parliament to the People

The revised third term Committee programme was considered and adopted.

Committee minutes dated 21 June 2022

The minutes were considered and adopted.

South Korean Study Tour Update

The Committee Secretary provided Members with an update on the international study tour. She reported as follows:

  • The South Korean Parliament had not yet established seats for various parties, which led to the trip being delayed.
  • They have been in touch with the South African Embassy in South Korea and were waiting to hear from them.

Meeting adjourned.


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