JSCFMP Report on Parliament’s 2021/22 Mid-Year performance

Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management of Parliament

04 March 2022
Chairperson: Ms B Mabe (ANC) and Ms D Mahlangu (ANC, Mpumalanga)
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Meeting Summary


Tabled Committee Reports

In a virtual meeting, the Committee had a brief meeting to consider and adopt a Committee

Report on Parliament's 2021/22 mid-year performance. Committee minutes were also adopted.

Members discussed getting a progress report on the recent developments in Parliament concerning the National Assembly fire.

Meeting report

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Financial Management of Parliament on the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa’s 2021/22 Mid-Year Performance

Mr Xolisile Mgxaji, Committee Content Advisor, highlighted the key areas of the report. He said that this was the mid-year performance report for Parliament’s administration. The Committee dealt with this report on 26 November 2021. This is the first mid-year report that implements the Sixth Term Strategic Plan, as such most of the measures, key performance outputs and indicators are new.

The JSCFMP report on Parliament's 2021/22 mid-year performance was considered and adopted.

Adoption of minutes

The Committee's minutes of 26 November 2021; 4, 14, 28 January 2022 and 25 February 2022 were considered and adopted, with a few corrections to the wording.

Mr N Singh (IFP) suggested the Committee Secretary go through all the Committee's minutes for subsequent meetings, especially where there are brackets that indicate that a question was not responded to, to ensure that questions are responded to either orally or in writing.

Closing remarks

Mr Singh said that this Committee is really involved in the management and what happens in Parliament. This Committee has been proactive in terms of what had caused the fire at Parliament and looked into alternative venues etc. In another committee that he is part of, which is the Chief Whips' Forum, there was a closed meeting where the forum received a report on the options about the short, medium and long-term future of Parliament; it was a physical meeting and it was a very useful meeting. He suggested the Chairpersons of this Committee consider asking the Chief Whip if Members of this Committee could be part of a physical briefing on 23 March 2022.

Mr B Radebe (ANC) referred to the fire at Parliament and said that the Committee had met with all the stakeholders, however, the Committee had never invited the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) to brief the Committee on its role in this situation. He suggested the Committee invite SAHRA to the Committee, to brief Members on the implications of the fire.

Mr X Qayiso (ANC) agreed with Mr Radebe’s suggestion.

Co-Chairperson Mabe (ANC) agreed that the Committee would make necessary arrangements to invite the SAHRA for a meeting. The Committee could also get a progress report on the recent developments in Parliament.

Co-Chairperson Mahlangu welcomed both suggestions by Mr Singh and Mr Radebe. The Committee is at the centre and should welcome both suggestions so that it can be on par with issues concerning Parliament.

The meeting was adjourned.



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