Annual Report 2003 : discussion

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Employment and Labour

11 November 2003
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

11 November 2003

Acting Chairperson
: Mr D. Olifant

Documents handed out:
Labour Annual Report 2003

The Committee suggested amendments to the Annual Report. International visits were discussed but permission for these visits was not granted. It was suggested that members should voice its objections regarding this issue. The Committee concluded that comments should be taken back to their respective parties so that amendments could be made to the final draft of the Annual Report before submission by the 25 November. Provincial visits were discussed and a consensus was reached on the dates for these visits being 17-21 November 2003.

Annual Report
Please refer to attached Labour Annual Report.

It was agreed that the relevant dates should be added and not be omitted to the various Acts that were dealt with in the document. A question was raised about the lack of information on the number of hours spent on the various documents as reflected in the report and it was suggested that this issue be dealt with at a later stage.

It was raised that the number of meetings attended by the Committee members as reflected in the report, was confusing because it did not specify the years to which the figure was related. Mr Manie agreed that the way in which the information was structured could lead to the information being misconstrued.

Mr Moropa (ANC) questioned whether it was necessary to show the number of meetings attended by members of the Committee.

Mr Manie said that it was not essential to have the information in the report and if it caused confusion it should be taken out.

Mr Moropa pointed out that the date had been omitted from the transcription of" Skills Development Act". It was noted that the dates should always appear with the various Acts mentioned in the document.

Mr Moropa questioned the lack of information for the hours spent on discussion of documents.

Ms Rajbansi (ANC) replied that past minutes of the various meetings would reveal how much time was spent on the discussion of documents.

Ms Rajbansi noted that the use of "appearances" in "Appearances before Committee" on did not convey the correct kinds of connotations and that perhaps another word should replace it.

Mr Manie agreed with this and it was suggested that "in attendance" be used instead of "appearances".

An objection was raised as to why headings were reflected when there was no information contained about them (Section 7 of pg. 8 & 9). Mr Manie suggested that all blank headings be left out of the document and the rest of the committee members agreed.

On the issue of International visits, Mr Manie stated that the application was turned down. It was maintained that this activity was beyond the time parameters of the Committee. The reason was that the number of issues and the period of time spent on these issues by the Committee were being limited.

An ANC member questioned why the request for international visits was denied and that surely with sufficient motivation it would be approved.

Mr Olifant (Acting Chairperson, ANC) replied that despite any motivation the decision would not be reversed.

Mr Manie stated that this opportunity should be used to assert the importance of international visits and that a motivation should be made for it in the future.

Ms Rajbansi reiterated Mr Manie's point by suggesting that the Committee express its disappointment on how the international visits have been curtailed.

Mr Manie suggested that since the international visits were being discussed, the national visits should also be included on the agenda.

Mr Olifant stated that all other parties had a right to discuss the additions and suggestions made to the annual report. The gaps in the document were also noted.

An ANC representative queried the use of "dedicated researcher".

Mr Manie explained that the intent of the word "dedicated" was to mean a researcher "exclusive" to the Committee and not to mean a researcher that was "committed" to the job.

The meeting concluded with Mr Olifant stating that the comments made were to be taken to the respective parties for further suggestions and commentary before the deadline of the annual report's submission on the
25 November 2003.

Discussion of provincial visits
Mr Manie confirmed that permission was granted for provincial visits and this meant that Committee members had to finalise the details in order to move forward on this issue. The provinces confirmed for visiting were:
Limpopo; Mpumalanga; Gauteng; Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape Province.

Mr Manie made a suggestion that perhaps the Committee would be better prepared if these visits were undertaken the following year so as to maximise its benefits.

Mr Moropa disagreed, stating that 2004 would be a difficult time for the provincial visits and felt that this year would be the only time available for these visits.

Mr Moonsamy (ANC MP) agreed with Mr Moropa.

The meeting concluded with the Committee reaching consensus on the dates for the provincial visits, to take place on 17-21 November.

Meeting was adjourned.



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