Election of Chairperson - postponed

Meeting Summary

The meeting did not meet qourum requirements and the election of Chairperson was therefore postponed 

Meeting report

Election of Chairperson postponed 

The Committee Secretary informed Members that the meeting was not quorate. He asked for advice on what should be done. 

Ms R Lesoma (ANC) suggested the meeting  be rescheduled and the Committee should look for the best day to elect the Chairperson. The Committee is a multiparty one therefore all Members should be present. 

She noted Members of the opposition had left the Committee room because they have lost patience waiting for the quorum. Rescheduling the meeting would give the opposition Members an opportunity to elect other voting Members if they were not going to make it in the next meeting.

The Committee Secretary then informed the Committee a date for the next meeting would be communicated to Members in due course.

Meeting was adjourned


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