Minutes and reports

Social Development

20 March 2019
Chairperson: Ms R Capa (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Portfolio Committee on Social Development met to consider and adopt outstanding minutes and reports.

The 2nd and 3rd Quarterly Reports were adopted.

Minutes for 20 February 2019 was  adopted with amendments. Minutes of 6 March 2019 and 13 March 2019 were adopted.

Members and Parliamentary Staff were thanked for their assistance and dedication.

Meeting report

The Chairperson commenced the meeting by welcoming all in attendance and relaying the apologies received.

Portfolio Committee Meeting Minutes

20 February 2019

The Chairperson expressed concern regarding textual ambiguity of the minutes. She felt that the minutes had to be revised to include some contextual framework where needed. A revised version of the minutes incorporating certain textual changes was adopted.

27 February 2019

Ms B Masango (DA) raised an objection to point 3 of the minutes, in that it seemed to be a verbatim copy of point 3 contained in the previous meeting of 20 February 2019. This oversight was confirmed by the Parliamentary Content Advisor who said it would be corrected.

6 March 2019

Minutes of 6 March 2019 were adopted.

13 March 2019

Minutes of 13 March 2019 were adopted.

2nd Quarterly Report 2019

The Report was adopted.

3rd Quarterly Report 2019

The Report was adopted.

An opportunity to relay  words of thanks was taken by Ms B Abrahams (ANC); Ms B Masango (DA); Ms T Khanyile (DA); Ms P Sonti (EFF); Ms V Mogotsi (ANC); Ms S Tsoleli (ANC) and Dr Q Madlopha (ANC).

The Chairperson, again, thanked Members of the Committee for their dedication and hard work.

The meeting was adjourned..



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