Committee Programme 2001

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13 February 2001
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

13 February 2001

Chairperson: Dr S.A. Nkomo

Documents handed out:
Draft Committee Programme 2001 (See Appendix)


A number of changes were made to the draft programme that was presented to the Committee. On 23 February 2001 the Follow-up on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) will take place instead of a presentation on HIV/AIDS: Protocol/guidelines on Treatment. This will be followed by a continuation on FAS on 27 February.

HIV/AIDS Protocol/guidelines on Treatment will take place on 2 March. The Budget hearing on 6,7,9, and 13 March will be the Budget Training Programme for Committee members.

The Chairperson informed members that the United Nations had designated this year as the Year for Mental Health and had set aside Friday 6 April as Mental Health Day. As it was unlikely that the Mental Health Bill, as yet untabled, would be finalised by Parliament by this date, it was suggested that there instead be a focus on Mental Health Care in the week leading up to 6 April.

The agenda for 20 March will be on Medicine Control Council (MCC). New bills were in the pipeline such as Nursing, Medicine Control, Traditional Healers, and National Health.


Dr E Jassat (ANC) suggested that activities around Mental Health Day should be held jointly with the Department of Welfare and Social Services.

Ms Malumise (ANC) said that other stakeholders should be included such as the Committee on the Improvement of the Quality of Life and Status of Women, Children, and Education.

She said the whole week of 6 April be designated as Mental Health Week rather than just the day of 6 April.

It was also suggested that the Chief Directorate on Mental Health should be invited to make a presentation to the Committee.

DRAFT PROGRAMME 2001 as revised by this meeting
Date Provisional Agenda
13 February 2001 Discussion of Programme

16 February 2001 Report on Cholera by Minister

20 February 2001 DoH - Priorities for 2001

23 February 2001 Follow-up on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

27 February 2001 Follow-up on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

02 March 2001 HIV/AIDS: Protocol/guidelines on Treatment

06 March 2001 Budget training programme

07 March 2001 Budget training programme

09March 2001 Budget training programme

13 March 2001 Budget training programme

16 March 2001 Hearings on Mental Health Bill

20 March 2001 Nutrition - GMO

23 March 2001 Report by Prof Gumbi - Human Resources

27 March 2001 Deans of Medical Schools

30 March 2001 Deans of Medical Schools

03 April 2001 Study Tours

08 May 2001 Provincial Study Tours

15 May 2001 Reproductive Health - Khosi Xaba International
Population Association

18 May 2001 Dental Technicians

22 May 2001 Dental Technicians

25 May 2001 Health Professions Council

29 May 2001 MRC

01 June 2001 NHLS

05 June 2001 Parastatals

08 June 2001 Parastatals

12 June 2001 DoH Report back


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