Committee Legacy Report

NCOP Economic and Business Development

27 November 2018
Chairperson: Mr M Rayi (ANC; Eastern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee considered and adopted several outstanding minutes.

The Committee decided not to consider its Legacy Report and Annual Report because the documents were not complete. Both will be considered the following week.

Meeting report

The Committee Chairperson began by informing the members about the purpose of the day, which was to deliberate on the Committee’s Annual and Legacy Report. Thereafter, the Committee’s minutes would also be adopted.

Just after this announcement Ms M Dikgale (ANC; Limpopo) complained that her and Mr Mhlanga’s names did not appear on the register. She insisted that clarity be given as to whether they are no longer deemed to be members of this particular Committee or what? She said if clarity is not given, they will have to leave because they might have been deployed elsewhere.

The Chairperson took it upon himself to sort the problem out by requesting the Secretariat to source the correct information. He also indicated that he will take the matter up with the Admin where the attendance registers are done. He said that sometimes even the Secretary is not given the information when changes are done.

It was later confirmed that the two members are indeed in this particular Committee, just that their names were not captured. He explained that Ms Dikgale has long been a standing member of the Committee, and he was not sure how her name got removed from the register. He also indicated that Mr Sefako from the North West is also a member.

Mr O Terblanche (DA; Western Cape) indicated to that he had submitted a written apology for not attending the last meeting. However, the Chief Whip did not send the apology to the Secretary.

The Chairperson then informed members duly that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Annual Report, Legacy Report and the minutes. He asked for guidance from the Committee whether to start with the reports.

Mr E Makue (ANC; Gauteng) suggested they start with the minutes, considering the length of the two reports. The Committee agreed to this.

Committee Minutes

The Committee went through the minutes individually.

The minutes were dated 13,14,19 and 21 November 2018.

The minutes for 13, 14 and 19 were approved with no changes.

Concerning the minutes dated 21 November, this was not adopted because of how the Minority report issue was captured.

There was disagreement about whether the Minority Report could be captured as part of the minutes. There were those who were of the impression that it can, others disagreeing.

Mr Makue felt the Minority Report cannot be incorporated into the minutes, saying that it can rather be referred to.

It was agreed that the correct way was to say “the Minority Report concerns were expressed” by the DA and thus noted. This was agreed that this is correct and appear as such in the minutes. Members were referred to Chapter 102 of the NCOP Rules. Rule 102 (4) states that a committee may not present a minority report but must reflect minority views in the committee in its reports.

 Committee Legacy Report and Committee’s Annual Report

Then Chairperson told the Committee that the reports are in fact, work in progress. They are not yet completed. He cited two reasons for the non-completion of the report. He invited members to take a decision whether to continue discuss the reports or have them delayed until completion then consider them.

The Committee agreed to shelve the reports to allow the completion and will be considered the following week.

The meeting was adjourned.


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