Election of chairperson

Appointment to the Commission for Gender Equality

24 October 2018
Chairperson: Ms C Ncube-Ndaba (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee elected Ms C Ncube-Ndaba (ANC) to chair the Committee.

At the next meeting, the Committee intends to consider a draft competency framework, a draft advertisement for vacancies and a draft programme.

The Committee agreed to schedule meetings on Wednesday’s.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary welcomed everyone noting that the meeting was for the election of a Chairperson. She requested for nominations.

Ms L Van der Merwe (IFP) nominated Ms G Tseke (ANC).

Ms T Stander (DA) seconded the nomination.

Ms B Maluleke (ANC) nominated Ms C Ncube-Ndaba (ANC)

Mr Z Luyenge (ANC) and Ms S Khawula (EFF) supported the nomination

Ms Nobatana requested the nominees of their availability for the position of chairperson

Ms Tseke declined the nomination, fully supporting the nomination of Ms Ncube-Ndaba

Ms Ncube-Ndaba accepted the nomination

Ms Ncube-Ndaba was therefore elected a Chairperson for the Ad hoc Committee to identify suitable candidates for filling of vacancies on Commission for Gender Equality

Matters arising

Ms Khawula asked the Committee why the committee is nominating/electing other people yet there are people that were nominated before. She suggested that people who were previously nominated should continue with their roles. This is will save money.

The Committee Secretary responded stating that in terms of the Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports (ATC) of 11 September 2018 there was a House resolution that agreed that the Ad Hoc must be established. Based on this ATC dated 12 October, Members of this committee were publicised, hence this first meeting allowing the Committee to convene. This meeting is based on both ATCs.

The Chairperson welcomed and thanked the Members for electing her.

The Chairperson stated that the Secretariat will meet work on the programme.

The Chairperson proposed that the Committee extend the time frames that are given. The process is long and should be aligned to the legislation. She further emphasised that everything done by the Committee should be fair and transparent. Furthermore, the Committee should not allow the process to be challenged by the Human Rights Commission and NGOs.

Ms Stander asked, referring to the previous meeting, if there is a standard competence framework that is created for chapter 9 institutions. She suggested the Committee should adopt the standard competence framework with the programme, so that it can be ahead. This standard competence framework will ensure that everyone is evaluated objectively.

The Chairperson noted the proposal

Ms Van der Merwe asked if the call for nominations has already been done after the House passed a resolution for the establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee.

The Chairperson responded in the negative. This will be done by the Committee.

Mr P Maesela (ANC) stated the agenda for today was for electing the chairperson the rest of the arising issues should be discussed in the next meeting, as there are other meetings that the Committee Members need to attend.

Ms M Chueu (ANC) raised an issue concerning two letters that were issued to Commissioners whose terms are supposed to end.  She further stated that there was confusion around those letters.

The Chairperson acknowledged the point raised by Ms Chueu.

Ms Khawula suggested that the next meeting should be held on Thursday or Friday to avoid clashes.

Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) suggested that the committee consider Thursday, even though it is a caucus day, rather than Friday because many members have issues with flights on Friday.

Ms Van der Merwe stated that the work should be prioritised as it is a once off process. She added that Members could submit apologies to their regular committees so that they are available to attend this Committee.

The Chairperson noted Ms Van der Merwe’s point

Ms Stander suggested that the Committee should schedule meet as soon as possible. Included in the meeting should be:

  • a draft competency framework 
  • draft advertisement for vacancies
  • draft programme

At the next meeting, the Committee can discuss the details and approve templates; as well as discussing the irregularities of the two appointments.

The Committee agreed to have meetings on Wednesday.

Then meeting was adjourned. 


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