Women’s Charter Review Conference preparations

Multi-Party Women’s Caucus

14 August 2018
Chairperson: Ms Y Phosa (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Multiparty Women's Caucus met to discuss the report on the 2018 Women's Charter Review Conference's concept document as well as the Draft Programme Chaired by the Acting Chairperson of the Women's Caucus.

Meeting report

Nomination of Acting Chairperson:

The Committee Secretary called for the nomination of an acting Chairperson to preside over the caucus meeting.

Committee Business and Apologies:

The Committee Secretary noted the apologies of the Chairperson of the Multiparty Women's Caucus Chairperson.  

Overview of the Women's Charter Review Conference concept document:

As the fifth Parliament is engaging in various undertakings to conclude the work of the current dispensation, a women's charter review conference will enable Parliament to embark on a campaign to assess progress made by government in the implementation of the imperatives set out in the 1954 Women's Charter and the 1994 Women's Charter for Effective Equality.

The NCOP Chairperson, Mr R Tau of the Multiparty Women's Caucus was aware that members were on oversight visits around the country. The upcoming Women's Charter Review Conference, the impact of strategic sectors participating in the conference. At the last speakers forums there was an importance in relooking the charter to advance the course of women by means of amendments. The chair of the forum will then facilitate the process of the review of the charter. This will form part and parcel of the legacy of the fifth Parliament in preparation for the sixth Parliament. Thus the demand for Parliamentarians to participate in formulating changes in charter.

Tangible Outcomes of the Conference:

Create a platform to report back on the status of women in South Africa, with particular reference to the processing of the resolutions emanating from the women's parliament events hosted during the fifth Parliament were discussed by members present with specific reference to the review and adoption of a thematically relevant women's charter, which will thematically focus on the advancement and implementation of policy imperatives, so as to accelerate vast improvements in women's quality of life.


Members discussed how they would start the process of amendments to the existing charter. The Women's Forum ensured that the Charter is being reviewed in order for the 5th Parliament to have it ready for implementation by the 6th Parliament. Certain resolutions taken by countries to enforce the protection of women.

Mr R Tau (ANC) The Conference is to look at the Charter in its entirety and from there then be able to determine the necessary changes that are required for review. The approach to women's discussion have been limited to round-table discussions instead of women fighting against their oppression. The practical role the charter must direct women empowerment.

Ms Phosa (ANC) expressed that the Presiding Officers and Deputy Speaker of the National Council of Provinces to alert Speaker of National Assembly and NCOP Chairperson of the Review Conference as well as to assist in encouraging other MP's to attend the Conference and apart of the activities that will be presented. Next year March the Charter should be concluded and adopted by the Fifth Parliament however House Chairperson will require recommendations of what the 5th Parliament has identified in the Charter. The House Chairperson moved that the 6th Parliament would have the decision to adopt the Charter with its amendments.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) Thank the House Chairperson for his initiative in having members of Parliament participate in the programmes set to take place at the conference. Attendance for activities prepared for the conference is projected to be low due to a lack of timely communication. The member also commented that the activities at the conference need to be popularized as a guiding document for the Freedom Charter and it having contributed a lot. The member also expressed that members in Parliament as well as stakeholder of what the charter contains by having eduction about the charter itself and how it will be adopted and implemented, which is has historically been lacking. Ms Tseke was also in support of the 6th Parliament adopting the charter review and moved to have a discussion about the proposed programme.

Draft Programme for the Women's Charter Review Conference

Member discussed the proposed programme for the Women's Charter Review Conference set to take place on the 20-21 August 2018 and the implications of scheduling to suit members of Parliament availability to attend and facilitate programmes at the conference.


Ms C Majeke (UDM) Policies in place but implementation is a weakness for the Parliamentary committee. There should be an evaluation of what is required because it is important when review are done that women ensure food production is kept to a standard by having simple foods such as vegetables.

Steering Committee Researcher Lunette Steyd (Office of the Speaker) suggested a consideration to continue with the conference and then look at recommendations to host another conference at a later date which should include institutions in support of the Women's Review Charter.

Mr R Tau (ANC) Appreciated the confidence of the Speaker to Women in Parliament. The comments were good and thanks the steering committee for their inputs.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) Suggested that the House Chairperson and Deputy Speaker be present during caucus meetings. Members were requested to invited stakeholders on-time. The member also mentioned that the review came as a result of previous events and women's gatherings held in Parliament.

Mr R Tau (ANC) Not all women attend the multiparty caucus. Women do not have enough time to speak on women's issues in Parliament.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) Suggested that the committee secretary write to the speaker to suspend activities on the 21 of August in order for members to take part in their committee initiatives.

Members were in support of Ms Tseke's suggestion and thus concluded their caucus.

The meeting was adjourned.


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