Western Cape Liquor Board: interviews

Police Oversight, Community Safety and Cultural Affairs (WCPP)

06 February 2018
Chairperson: Ms M Wenger (DA)
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Meeting Summary

The Chairperson opened the meeting and communicated apologies. The interview would not be broadcast for the sake of fairness.

The Committee deliberated the questions to be asked of the candidates and agreed on four standard questions. Members would each be allowed to ask one additional question with regard to the candidate’s CV.

The interview and final deliberations were closed to the public.

Meeting report

The Chairperson opened the meeting by noting apologies. She communicated the agenda of the meeting and reminded Members that the deliberations would not be broadcast. The Community Safety Department’s legal team and Advocate Maasdorp, Head: Legal Services, had advised on the terms to be served by board members and the criteria disqualified one applicant who had since been emailed

Deliberation on interview Questions
The Chairperson asked Members to suggest any questions they had considered, and communicated a list of questions she had considered for the interview;

  • What according to the liquor Act were the responsibilities of the board?
  • What skills would the candidate bring to the board if they were appointed?

Mr B Kivedo (DA) and Ms P Lekker (ANC) added that the second question asks what value the candidate would add to the board as well.

Mr Kivedo added that a question on time management be asked of the candidates so that the Committee could get a sense of the seriousness to the task

Mr Kivedo also asked how they would strike a balance on the business side 

Ms Lekker and Mr D Mitchell (DA) agreed on time management and asked that the question be well phrased to reflect the importance of the board and also accommodate candidates on other boards.

The Chairperson suggested the question be phrased as:

  • Because of the responsibilities of the board and the important work it does, would the candidate be able to commit to all the meetings and work of the board.

Members agreed on the third question.

The Chairperson reminded Members that they would be appointing 7 members to board and one had to be responsible for alcohol harms reduction so they had to ask the candidates if they had experience in reducing harm related to alcohol.

The Chairperson suggested then that the last question would be

  • Does the candidate have experience or knowledge of reducing harms related to alcohol?

She said each Member would be allowed to pose one question to the candidate in relation to their CV; and explained how the scoring sheet would work for the Members so that they could rank the candidates for the shortlist

Members agreed for the scoring matrix to be 1 to 5.

Interviews for vacancies on the Western Cape Liquor Authority Board and Committee deliberations
This part was closed to the public.

Adoption of Minutes from the Previous Week
Minutes of the previous week’s meeting (no date) were adopted.

The meeting adjourned.


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