Copyright Amendment Bill: Appointment of Technical Experts

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Trade and Industry

24 August 2017
Chairperson: Ms L Theko (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The subcommittee convened to elect two technical experts to support the committee in its work on the Copyright Amendment Bill. Members proposed 3 names in total, after voting Professor Caroline Ncube and Tobias Schonwetter were elected as the technical experts.

The third name that was proposed was Professor Sadulla Karjiker, although he was not voted into the technical team, members agreed that he would form part of the panel experts. 

Meeting report

Election of Acting Chairperson
The Committee elected Ms L Theko (ANC) to chair the meeting.

Opening Remarks
The Acting Chairperson announced that the meeting will be brief. The subcommittee would finalise the names of the technical consultants that would work with it.

Members were asked in the previous meeting to indicate their preferred names at this meeting.

The Chairperson handed over to members to submit their proposals.

Shortlisting of Consultants
Ms P Mantashe (ANC) suggested that members elect two people for the technical support team, and she made her two suggestions, namely Professor Caroline Ncube and Tobias Schonwetter.

Mr D Macpherson (DA) did not support Prof. Schonwetter highlighting that he is inappropriately in favour of the fair use doctrine which is in complete opposition of what the intended use of the Bill is. It would be problematic to pronounce someone like that to be part of the team. He proposed Professor Sadulla Karjiker, who noted the poor drafting of the Bill during the previous proceedings, and proposed how the Bill can be re-drafted properly. On the other hand, Professor Schonwetter failed to do so and this is a red flag as far as he is concerned. The Committee had also agreed with Prof Karjiker’s input during the hearings.

Mr B Radebe (ANC) supported the two names proposed by Ms Mantashe. He did not believe that just because someone has a different school of thought or opinion they should not be given an opportunity; the technical team will be supporting the Committee and not imposing their own views. They will be driven by the intent of the committee.

The Acting Chairperson advised that due to the clash of names, the committee might be divided. Therefore, she called for a vote. Members need to vote between Professors Schonwetter and Karjiker.

Mr Macpherson advised that it would be appropriate for Ms Mantashe to motivate her proposals.

Ms Mantashe stated that upon looking into Professor Ncube’s brief CV, she supports her because she is a woman, her CV is also impressive. As for Prof Schonwetter, he offered himself to do the job without any compensation, and he lives in Cape Town, so he will be within the Committee’s reach. Therefore, the fact that Parliament is not financialyl sound, it would make sense to appoint Prof Schonwetter.

The Acting Chairperson stated that it seems that members are in favour of Prof Ncube.

Members proceeded to vote.
The Chairperson announced that the Committee with the support of four members voted in favour of Prof Schonwetter, and two members voted in favour of Prof Karjiker. Therefore, the two technical support team members will be Prof Caroline Ncube and Schonwetter.

Panel of Experts
The Acting Chairperson announced that Members were now expected to elect a panel of experts.

Mr Radebe appealed that this panel be put aside for now since there are two technical experts who have been elected when the bill is close to its finality. Prof Karjiker can be invited to be part of the panel. The crucial part is that the experts have been elected and so when the work has been completed, then a panel of experts can be elected. He believes that Prof Karjiker may assist substantially on that level.

Members agreed on this suggestion.

The meeting was adjourned.




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