Briefing by Alfred Nzo Municipality

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01 April 2003
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

1 April 2003

Mr J Cronin (ANC)

Documents handed out:

The Committee was briefed on the challenges facing the Alfred Nzo Municipality. In particular, the delegation noted the poor workmanship on the National Road between Tina Bridge and Kokstad. Members were also informed that a number of road accidents on this national road could be attributed to the fact that the road was not fenced.

Members assured the delegates that the Committee would follow up with the National Road Agency and try to establish the real facts and attempt to set out strategies for funding.

Presentation by the Executive Mayor of the Alfred Nzo Municipality
Mr Sogomi: Executive Mayor, Alfred Nzo municipality, highlighted the urgent need to fence the National Road cutting through the Alfred Nzo municipality as it was increasingly causing many road accidents. He pointed out that the quality of the maintenance work that was taking place in that road was not durable. He was concerned about the re-routing of N2 along the coast as that would have negative economic impact on the on the Alfred Nzo Municipality.

Mr Sogomi called for a coordinated effort between the municipality and South African National Road Agency and also for an assurance from the Portfolio Committee that they would get help to meet the aforementioned challenges.

Mr Cronin, Chairperson, thanked the Executive Mayor for bringing to the surface the challenges they were encountering in the Alfred Nzo municipality.

Mr Van De Walt: General Manager, South African National Road Agency, Cape Town Office, noted that the fencing of the national routes passing through various municipal districts was still a national problem. He pointed out that SANRA's policy on fencing national routes was to provide a fence as soon as they finished constructing a national road. However, the implementation of that policy was also dependent on a joint effort between government and communities residing along that national route.

Mr Cronin assured the delegates that the Committee would follow up with the National Road Agency and try to establish the real facts. However, it was important to strengthen community involvement in the fencing of national routes running through various municipal districts.

Mr G Schneemann (ANC) asked if there had been any interaction between the municipality and the Department of Agriculture in order to forge mechanisms for training cattle owners on the dangers of grazing cattle next to the national routes.

Ms Coetzee-Kasper (ANC) asked if the delegates had been in consultation with the provincial Department as well as the MEC's with regard to the crisis they were facing.

Mr Van de Walt (SANRAL) was of the view that there was a lack of proper planning and co-ordination between the Departments of Housing and Transport, as he did not understand why schools and other residential structures were built next to the national routes.

Mr Cronin noted that there was a need for more discussion between the municipality and the provincial Department in trying to set up ways of meeting the challenges. It was clearly apparent that the National Roads cutting through various municipalities in the Eastern Cape required some form of major reconstruction. The Department would keep on emphasising these issues as well as setting out a clear strategy for funding.

The meeting was adjourned.


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