Committee Report on Nomination of Public Protector appointment

Appointment of Public Protector

30 August 2016
Chairperson: Ms M Khoza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee finalised and adopted its Committee Report with minor amendments. The report was The report would be presented to the National Assembly on Wednesday, 7 September 2016.

Meeting report

The Chairperson noted that certain opinions had been expressed to the Committee about how the person chosen should have been a judge, however it seemed as though people did not understand the process. Adv Thuli Madonsela was not a judge upon her appointment as a Public Protector.

The Committee minutes were of the previous meeting was adopted.

Mr N Koornhof (ANC) asked if there was a formal adoption of the Committee Minutes.

The Chairperson replied that Mr Bongo and Ms Mothapo had moved and seconded the adoption of the report respectively.

Mr Koornhof asked that the Committee go back because the adoption of the minutes was done too quickly. He indicated that on page four, the first paragraph on Judge Desai was not reflective of the true story, the wording was too harsh and slightly unfair.

Mr S Swart (ACDP) suggested that the Committee use more diplomatic wording and say he had a “poor interview and public opinion reflected this”, rather than to say “he had no control over his tongue and temper”.

Chairperson Khoza agreed with Mr Swart and asked that the Committee administration should refrain from using their own feelings in recording the minutes. Wording should be put more diplomatically.

Adv G Breytenbach (DA) said the wording used in the minutes was an accurate reflection of the events that transpired.

Dr P Maesela (ANC) agreed that more diplomatic language should be used.

Adoption of Committee Report on the Nomination of a Person as Public Protector
The Chairperson indicated that the draft report was circulated to Members over the weekend. She asked whether there were any additions or alterations which Members would like to make. The Committee needed to adopt the report so that it could be submitted to Parliament.

Mr N Kwankwa (UDM) said that the report mentioned the names of all the political parties represented in the Committee and then referred to smaller parties as “other parties”. This was not acceptable and should be corrected.

Chairperson Khoza agreed that it was not correct to refer to smaller parties as “other parties”, they needed to be named.

Members of the Committee went through the draft report page by page.

Mr Bongo moved for the adoption of the report.

Mr J Malema (EFF) seconded the report with amendments.

The Democratic Alliance reserved its position.

The report was adopted.

Chairperson Khoza indicated that the report would be going to the National Assembly on Wednesday, 7 September 2016.

The meeting was adjourned.

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