Election of Chairperson

Appointment of Public Protector

27 May 2016
Chairperson: Dr M Khoza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Dr Makhosi Khoza (ANC) was elected as Committee Chairperson. She said that the Committee would need to meet during the parliamentary recess to meet the 31 August deadline.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary, Mr Vhonani Ramaano, called for nominations for the position of Committee Chairperson.

Mr B Bongo (ANC) nominated Dr M Khoza (ANC) for the position of Committee Chairperson.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) seconded Mr Bhongo’s nomination of Dr Khoza.  

The Committee agreed to the nomination of Dr Khoza as Committee Chairperson.

Dr Khoza accepted the appointment and thanked the Committee. She said that she looked forward to the process of going through nominations of persons for the appointment of Public Protector. She noted that she would speak to the Committee Secretariat about the process that lay ahead. She was sure that the Committee would select the best person for the job.

Mr S Swart (ACDP) said that it would be helpful to members if the criteria for the selection of the Public Protector could be provided to the Committee. He pointed out that the 31 August 2016 was the cut off date for the appointment of the Public Protector and asked if the Committee would be meeting during the upcoming parliamentary recess period.

Dr Khoza responded that she had not yet gone through any of the issues but felt that the Committee would most probably have to meet during the recess period. She stated that the Committee needed to start the process as soon as possible and would most probably have to meet the following week to go through the means test and other issues.

Mr N Masondo (ANC) asked that the Committee be provided with a timetable for the process as soon as possible.

Dr Khoza affirmed that she would be meeting with the Committee Secretariat after the meeting and would communicate to members the timetable for when the Committee would meet. She repeated that the Committee would most probably meet the following week.

The meeting was adjourned.


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