NYDA Board candidates: Security check & verification of qualifications findings and deliberations

National Youth Development Agency appointments

24 May 2016
Chairperson: Ms G Manopole (ANC) and Mr M Mapulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Appointment of Board Members to the National Youth Development Agency met for the deliberations on the findings and verification of the qualifications of candidates to serve on the Board of the National Youth Development Agency.

The Content Adviser gave a brief summary in terms of the findings on the security checks and verification of qualifications. All twelve candidates underwent security checks. Of twelve candidates, ten had undergone qualifications verification and two were disqualified because they did not submit their consent forms for qualification verification. The Committee selected seven candidates to be recommended to the President to serve on the National Youth Development Agency Board.

The following candidates were selected:

Mr Yershen Pillay
Mr Ndumiso Mokako
Mr Kenneth Morolong
Ms Bavelile Hlongwa
Mr Sibusiso Ngema
Ms Zandile Majozi
Ms Naledi Maponopono

Meeting report

Opening Remarks
Mr Mapulane said the last time the Committee met the report which was supposed to be presented to the two Houses of Parliament was finalised. But later when it was discussed with the leadership of Parliament there was a concern that the qualifications of the candidates had to be verified as per the requirements of the advertisement, and also the candidates had to be subjected to security checks. Upon agreement with the leadership of Parliament the matter was referred back to the Committee, and the Committee was reconstituted. That process was undertaken by Parliament; the security checks of all the candidates and verification of qualifications of candidates had been done. All the candidates except two had signed the consent forms for Parliament to do the verification of qualifications.

Mr Mapulane requested the Content Adviser to summarise the report received from the verification and security checks.

Ms B Mabe (ANC) said it would be proper if they first entertained apologies so that they knew why other Members were not present in the meeting.

The Chairperson said he had received an apology from Ms T Motara (ANC).

Mr M Khawula (IFP) apologised on behalf of Mr M Hlengwa (IFP) who was arriving that morning.

Mr Mapulane said the Economic Freedom Fighters did not attend any of their previous meetings. The Democratic Alliance did attend some of the meetings but were not present and had not given a reason why they were not there.

Findings on security checks and verification of qualifications of candidates
The Content Adviser said as part of the requirements for appointment to the NYDA Board, the advertisement stated that these candidates should be subjected to security checks and qualification verification. Ideally, the processes should have been done before the interviews on 29 March 2016, but because of time restraints those verifications could not be done. Irrespective of that, the twelve candidates were interviewed. Following that process all twelve candidates had undergone a security check, but two were suspected of having criminal records, that is, Mr Thulani Tshefuta and Mr Kenneth Morolong, and were supposed to have their fingerprints taken.  Parliament facilitated that process so that the two candidates could be verified. Mr Tshefuta did not cooperate with the state security agencies indicating that he had withdrawn from the process. As a result, Mr Tshefuta was contacted to give that statement in writing, but to date nothing had been received from him.
Mr Morolong cooperated with the security check verification process. It was discovered that he was acquitted by a court of law on 21 May 2010, and there was no criminal court case against him. Therefore, in terms of security concerns it was only Mr Tshefuta who did not cooperate.

In terms of qualifications verification there was a requirement that candidates should sign a consent form so that Parliament could consult universities for qualifications verification. The candidates were asked to sign the consent forms for verification by the universities. Again Mr Tshefuta did not return the consent form so that verification could be done on his qualifications, and therefore he did not comply with that process. It should be noted that in order to be appointed to the NYDA Board candidates should comply with this process.

The other candidate, Mr Thembinkosi Josophu, did not return the consent form in order for his qualifications to be verified by universities where he studied. And therefore, he also did not comply with that process.

With regard to Ms Andrietha Jacobs, her qualification verification could not be obtained because of the student number that was required and the outcome of her qualifications verification had not yet been received.

The security checks of all the candidates except for Mr Tshefuta were conducted and no security concerns were found for the eleven candidates. In terms of verification of qualifications only Mr Tshefuta and Mr Josophu who did not comply with the process.

Mr Mapulane thanked the Content Adviser for the summary. Both he and the Co-Chairperson were approached by parliamentary staff during the verification process because Mr Tshefuta wrote a letter asking why he should sign the consent form and be verified. It was therefore agreed that he be given further extension and Parliament should write to him and explain the requirement of the verification. That letter was written to him during the second extension, but unfortunately he did not submit the consent form so that the verification could be done.

In line with the requirement two candidates were disqualified, being Mr Thulani Tshefuta and Mr Thembinkosi Josophu. The Committee therefore had ten candidates to deliberate on and seven candidates were needed recommend to the President.

Mr Mapulane said the last time the Committee met it was agreed after the proposal of the Inkatha Freedom Party that they were going to have a discussion, consider the scoring and have a general discussion in terms of selecting and motivating the sevencandidates to be recommended to the President.

Mr M Mohapi (ANC) selected candidate Mr Yershen Pillay, the candidate had displayed an ability to run the NYDA effectively and efficiently, taking the agency from its bad situation to where it was today.

Ms D Manana (ANC) selected candidate Mr Ndumiso Mokako stating that his commerce degree would be valuable for the agency in terms of financial skills.

Mr Mkongi selected candidate Mr Kenneth Morolong, his understanding of the NYDA was an an advantage, and his experience at the Agency was not questionable because he was working with Mr Pillay.

Ms Mabe selected candidate Ms Bavelile Hlongwa, as she had lot of experience on issues of youth development

Mr S Mncwabe (NFP) selected candidate Mr Sibusiso Ngema noting that he came from deep rural community and worked with young people and had knowledge on issues affecting the youth.

Mr Khawula selected candidate Ms Zandile Majozi, she understood the NYDA and was familiar with issues of youth development.

Mr Mohapi selected candidate Ms Naledi Maponopono stating that she was a young and energetic woman who should grow within the NYDA.

The Committee unanimously agreed to all the seven candidates selected by Members. There were no objections to the selection of the seven candidates.

Mr Mapulane said that the seven candidates selected by the Committee would be recommended to the President and a full report tabled to the two Houses of Parliament.

Mr Mapulane thanked Members for their cooperation and inputs.

The meeting was adjourned.                                                                  


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