Interviews of Short-listed candidates for National Youth Development Agency Board

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Meeting Summary

The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on the appointment of Board Members to the National Youth Development Agency interviewed 12 candidates who would serve on the NYDA Board.

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee:

  1. Ms Andrietha Jacobs            
  2. Ms Joy Olivier                                                          
  3. Mr Thembinkosi Josophu                                         
  4. Mr Sibusiso Ngema                                                  
  5. Mr Yershen Pillay                                                     
  6. Ms Bavelile Hlongwa                                                 

Afternoon SessionAfternoon Session

  1. Mr Kenneth Morolong                                                   
  2. Ms Zandile Majozi                                                            
  3. Ms Nomzamo Nkatshu                                                  
  4. Mr Ndumiso Mokako                                                  
  5. Mr Thulani Tshefuta                                                   
  6. Ms Naledi Maponopono                                                                                    

Meeting report

Opening Remarks

Co-Chairperson Manopole said that the purpose of the interviews is to have a better understanding of the candidates. Each candidate would be asked 5 questions and each question had been allocated marks that will determine the points gained by each candidate. The allocated time for candidates to respond to questions is between 30 – 40 minutes.

Co-Chairperson Manopole informed the Committee Members that they would deliberate and make their selections on the following day.

Mr Moses Manele, Committee Secretary, noted an apology from Ms M Lesoma (ANC) who indicated that she would arrive late for the meeting.

Mr B Mkongi (ANC) warned that the questions should not go outside until all candidates were interviewed because the Committee needed to score candidates appropriately.

The Chairperson said that the approach should be fair to all the candidates without any prejudice to others and it was important to have consensus in the approach. The Content Adviser must present to the Committee the copy of the score sheet they’ve prepared so that Committee Members could understand the interview scoring process.

Mr Nkosana Mfuku, Content Adviser, explained the scoring system. Candidates would be rated from 1 to 5. 1 equals poor performance, 2 unsatisfactory, 3 good, 4 very good and 5 excellent. But within each score, candidates can be rated as such: 10 – 30 % is considered poor, unsatisfactory is from 31 – 45%, good 50 – 60%, very good 61 – 74 %, and excellent is 75 – 90 %.

Mr Mfuku said that immediately after the candidate had been scored, the staff would collect the score sheets from Members. Each candidate would be scored on each question.

The Chairperson requested that all Members should have a copy of the questions that would be posed to the candidates.

The Chairperson informed candidates that they could respond to questions in their own mother language and were at liberty to ask that a question be rephrased if they did not understand it.

Interviews of candidates for the National Youth Development Agency Board

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee:

  1. Ms Andrietha Jacobs                    Response Time:     30:38 – 1: 03:50 
  2. Ms Joy Olivier                                                             1: 10: 00 – 1: 30: 55
  3. Mr Thembinkosi Josophu                                             1: 31: 02 – 2: 04: 01
  4. Mr Sibusiso Ngema                                                     2: 09: 00 – 2: 36: 57
  5. Mr Yershen Pillay                                                        2: 39: 01 – 3: 03: 00
  6. Ms Bavelile Hlongwa                                                    3: 06: 30 – 3: 42: 04

Afternoon Session

  1. Mr Kenneth Morolong                    Response Time         01: 20 – 21: 58                                
  2. Ms Zandile Majozi                                                          22: 00 – 45: 02
  3. Ms Nomzamo Nkatshu                                                   45: 23 – 1: 12: 50
  4. Mr Ndumiso Mokako                                                      1: 13: 01 – 1: 44: 46
  5. Mr Thulani Tshefuta                                                        1: 45: 00 – 2: 22: 43
  6. Ms Naledi Maponopono                                                  2: 30: 02 – 3: 12: 21

The following questions were asked to the short-listed candidates:

Candidates were asked to tell the Committee about themselves, their background and experience.

Candidates were asked to elaborate on the core functions of the NYDA in terms of the NYDA Act.

They were asked about the Integrated National Youth Policy, which has the intention to redress the challenges of the past, and how they would help the Board implement the policy.

They were asked what could be done to change the negative perception of the NYDA.

Candidates were asked what challenges or obstacles they’ve encountered or experienced in their involvement in youth development, and how the dealt with those challenges.

The Chairperson thanked all candidates for their avail themselves for interviews.

Candidates were asked if there were any questions they wanted to pose to the Committee.

The meeting was adjourned.

Please refer to audio recording for responses.



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