Presentation by Sport and Recreation South Africa: debriefing

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25 February 2003
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


25 February 2003

Chairperson: Ms R Bhengu

Documents handed out:

The Committee convened to discuss the briefing by Sport and Recreation South Africa the previous week on its activities during the previous year and plans for 2003. Members discussed the problem of poor attendance of meetings, which would also be deferred to the Chairpersons' Forum for consideration. The Committee also briefly discussed issues arising from their Committee programme for 2003.

The Chair noted that certain Committee meetings may be broadcast live and that Members should be aware of these occasions. Members should maintain professionalism at these meetings. She said that it would be at the discretion of the Committee whether the meeting should be broadcast or not depending on whether the issues raised are in the interests of the public or not.

Regarding oversight functions, the Chair said that a policy analysis would take place in the first quarter of the year to assess the effectiveness of policies regarding sport.

Committee programme
Concerning the Committee's programme, the Chair said that it was one spanning half a year as opposed to a full year.

Members pointed out certain technical issues.

Mr Swart (DP) mentioned that the Committee should discuss the United Cricket Board (UCB) report. The Chair noted that a Ministerial Task Team had been conducting investigations and made certain findings. The findings themselves had not been established yet.

He also urged that a meeting be scheduled after the conclusion of the Cricket World Cup to discuss sustaining the legacy of the World Cup and also to address transformation in cricket. The Chair said that a debriefing session on the opening ceremony would clarify the issue of volunteers. She also mentioned the public's unawareness of revealing labels at cricket games. These issues would be discussed.

Dr Schoeman (ANC) expressed concern about certain codes of sport degenerating in rural areas. He said that it was incumbent on the Committee to arrange an in-depth review regarding this. The Chair agreed to take this into consideration.

Mr Ncinane (ANC) agreed with Dr Schoeman and said that interaction with the national transformation workshop committees should be undertaken to gauge progress and the final intention.

The Chair agreed.

Mr Swart said that school sports was central to sports in the rural areas and should be investigated. Mr Lucas (IFP) agreed, saying that schools often do not utilise sports budgets properly. Non-scholars should be brought in to bridge the gap. Mr Ncinane said that the Committee should liaise with the Department of Education to discuss the matter. Schools should lead development and delivery.

Mr Reid (ANC) agreed, but said to focus on the impact of education on sports as the emphasis is on provincial sport while other facilities are neglected. The Chair took these points into account.

Ms Lamani (ANC) commented on schools having to pay fees to use sports facilities.

Mr Swart then suggested the approval of the programme as is. All agreed.

Debriefing on meeting with Sport and Recreation South Africa
The Chair then briefed the Committee on the presentation last Friday by Sport and Recreation South Africa on their activities for the past year and plans for this year. She invited comment from those who had attended that meeting.

Dr Schoeman was impressed with the presentation, but disappointed at the poor attendance of the meeting.

The Chair urged Members to make recommendations in this regard so that possible solutions to problems can be found.

Mr Swart raised the point that meetings on Fridays are impractical. Mr Lucas urged that differences should emerge in the meeting and not during live broadcasts.

The Chair said that Committee performance should be gauged in terms of public interest.

The Chair noted said that Friday was designated as Committee Day in the Chairpersons' Forum, but only four such meetings were scheduled. Mr Swart explained that he had meetings scheduled for the next four Fridays.

Ms Lamani said that there was no need to reschedule meetings as other constituencies should be made aware of Portfolio Committee meetings.

Mr Swart thought that lateness was unfair and the Chair referred again to Rule 133. Mr Louw asked about the agreement on meetings starting at 09h30. The Chair said that the rescheduling of meetings cannot be the solution to the problem. The matter will be forwarded to the Chairpersons' Forum.

The meeting was adjourned.


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