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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

26 June 2002

[This is a transcript of the meeting, produced by the Public Accounts Committee Secretariat.]


African National Congress

Mr L Chiba
Mr P Gerber
Mr DM Gumede
Mr BW Kannemeyer
Ms PK Mothoagae
Mr BZ Nair
Mr BJ Nobunga
Mr V Smith

Democratic Party

Mr M Lowe

New National Party

Mr F Beukman (chairperson)

United Democratic Movement

Dr GW Koornhof


Ms NL Hlangwana

In attendance from the Office of the Auditor-General: Mr P Mosaka, Mr C Botes, Ms L Less and Mr A Van Dyk

Welcome and opening by the chairperson.

The Committee deliberated on and adopted the draft resolution on Foreign Affairs.

1. Report back: Meeting with the DG of Health

Ms Mothoagae mentioned that herself, Mr Lowe, the Parliamentary Law Adviser the DG and the CFO, attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the staffing of the internal audit component, the malnutrition scheme and Sarafina two. It came out that some members had information that others did not have. Mr Lowe was not happy with the responses provided and the fact that Mr Badenhorst has not been sequestrated and is doing well. The DG is waiting for the Committee's resolution.

Mr Kannemeyer added that the Task Team should provide guidelines on the sharing of information, which some members have and others do not have. He also wanted to know what would happen to the resolution that is on the Order Paper in the light of the new information.

Ms Mothoagae wanted to know what was the feedback on the site visits to Parliament.

The chairperson responded that he met the Secretary to Parliament who informed him that the management will be meeting soon and will have information as soon as possible.

2. Intelligence Services

Mr Lowe said that he supports option one.

Mr Smith said that he does not have a problem in principle with option one provided it is resolved how many people from SCOPA will be involved. He added that the JSCI seem to support option three.

Mr Lowe said that option one works well in the USA and added that the official opposition should be represented when the composition is considered.

The Committee agreed on option one and further that the composition from SCOPA would be one member from the majority party, the chairperson and one member from the official opposition.

The meting adjourned at 12:10.


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