Discussion of Legislative Programme; outcomes and achievements

Sports, Arts and Culture

29 October 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


29 October 2002

Ms N Bhengu

Documents Handed Out:
Current Status of Legislation 2002

The Committee discussed its legislative programme, the oversight function of study tours. There were a number of Bills outstanding for the year. Although there were some problems with outstanding submissions and concerns about constitutionality, these would be rectified by the State Law Advisors.

The Chair informed the Committee that the aim of the meeting was to assess the progress and impact the Committee has made. The Committee looked at the strengths and successes, the weaknesses and the threats which hindered the Committee's progress, as well as the opportunities to be taken advantage of.

Current status of legislative programme 2002
Mr Boshoff, State Law Advisor, informed the Committee of the outstanding Bills of 2001 and 2002, which are as follows:

1. National Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill,
2. Boxing and Wrestling Control Amendment Bill (New Province Bill),
3. South African Sports Commission Fourth Amendment Bill,
4. The South African Institute for Drug-free Amendment Bill.

With respect to the National Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill, there were constitutional concerns and there had been delays in the process.

Specific deadlines for the State Law Advisors would be set in order to submit the Bill within a specific time frame. The new State Law Advisors should consult with the Committee more frequently. Regarding constitutional concerns, it should go through the requisite processes.

Boxing and Wrestling Control Amendment Bill
The fact that the MECs were giving no input on the Bill to the State Law Advisors was problematic. The Bill was redrafted but its basis is the same as the version approved by Cabinet. Mr Boshoff noted that Boxing SA has to make representation on the Bill. Furthermore, there is a need to fix deadlines and various stakeholders should be consulted.

South African Sports Commission Fourth Amendment Bill
The Bill has been approved by the joint SASC/SRSA Legal Committee and has been circulated for comments. The inputs have been received from the legal section of the Department but the responses are slow and there are now fixed deadlines to fast-track the processes.

The SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport Amendment Bill
It will be submitted to Cabinet in November 2002. The aim of the Bill is to develop a code of ethics for sport and recreation.

The Chair pointed out that the current problems were beyond the Department and the Committee needs to achieve the desired outcomes. In relation to transformation, the Committee ought to determine what it can do to bring about results.

Mr Ncinane (ANC) noted that there are many different deadlines, but there should really only be one deadline.

Mr L Reid (ANC) was concerned that consultations with the Sport Commission might be easy while the Federations are having communication difficulties and they do not have money to fly their people to meetings.

Ms Lamani (ANC) suggested that constant communication in writing with the Federations.

The Chair asked who sets the deadlines.

Mr Boshoff replied that it was his responsibility as State Legal Advisor and it should reasonable. It normally takes two to three weeks.

The Chair asked which four MEC's had responded to the call for input.

Mr Boshoff replied that it was the Western Cape, Limpopo, Northern Cape and North West province MECs.

The Chair then noted that the Committee should raise proposals and suggestions to assist the process.

Mr Ncinane suggested that the Department send reminders to those MECs who have not submitted their reports.

Ms Lamani proposed that the Committee work together with the NCOP in order to talk directly with the Select Committee of Sport and Recreation on their briefings.

The Chair said the Committee should write a letter to urge those MECs who had not yet submitted their reports to do so. There was a clear picture now in terms of understanding the problems.

Oversight Role: Reflecting on Study Tours

Mr Pieterse (ANC) pointed out that facilities should be situated where people are. The Committee should have a database of all the facilities. Those facilities should have an integrated approach for women and the disabled. Time- frames for upgrading should be put in place.

The Chair was concerned about how to take the matter forward without Mr Pango (Sport and Recreation South Africa) at the meeting. There was only one Committee meeting left, so there was no time to invite him back.

Mr Ncinane (ANC) also noted that Mr Pango was in Pretoria for two weeks.

The Chair proposed that the Committee write a letter to Mr Pango requesting an overall report of what is happening with sports facilities in the country.

The Members agreed.

Reporting on Study Tours
The problems they identified with the study tours was the need to revisit reports on study tours and processing applications for study tours.

Mr Ncinane pointed out that Members tend to withdraw national study tours in preference to international study tours.

The Chair commented that in terms of participation, the Committee has done only one international study tour. The late withdrawals have to do with processing of applications for study tours.

Ms Lamani congratulated Mr Swart (DP) for his participation during the study tour in Gauteng.

The Chair pointed out that the following year's programme would include workshops with different federations and visits. She also noted that the study tour for Kenya was postponed and changed.

Mr Ncinane wanted to know the alternative country for Kenya.

The Chair said they had been advised to go to Egypt or Tunisia. The budget was still a thorny issue and the Committee budget was R765 000. The Committee was told that there is going to be a budget of R 14 million for Committees for the following year. This means that the Committee's budget will be low.

The meeting was adjourned.


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