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Employment and Labour

06 November 2013
Chairperson: Mr K Manamela (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met briefly to consider and adopt the minutes of two previous meetings. Members were also informed that the debate on the Employment Services Bill would take place next Tuesday and that the
Select Committee on Labour and Public Enterprises had referred the Labour Relations
Amendment Bill to the Committee, with proposed changes.

Meeting report

Welcome and Acting Chairperson
Mr K Manamela (ANC) welcomed everyone present in the meeting. He noted that the Committee had received an apology from the Chairperson of the Committee, Mr M Nchalebeng, who was unavoidably absent because of a family emergency.

Outstanding Committee Minutes
The Acting Chairperson tabled two sets of minutes for consideration. These were dated 30 October
2013 and 5 November 2013. Both were approved without any changes.

Other Matters
The Acting Chairperson informed the Committee that the debate on the Employment Services Bill was going
to take place on Tuesday, 12th of November, 2013. He also stated that the Committee had received a report
from the Select Committee on Labour and Public Enterprises, which had referred back the Labour Relations
Amendment Bill to the Committee with proposed changes and or recommendations. The changes proposed
were going to affect four clauses in the Bill and it would be appropriate for the Committee to look at those
suggestions. Copies of the suggested changes to the Bill would be made available to Members in order to
be able to reflect on those changes. A discussion would also be held with the Chairperson of the Committee
with a view to processing the changes proposed to the Labour Relations Amendment Bill.

The Acting Chairperson thanked everyone present.

The meeting was adjourned.


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