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Ad Hoc Committee on Filling of Vacancy on Commission for Gender Equality

19 June 2002

Mr. L Zita (ANC)

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Members dealt rigorously with the process of shortlisting, factors such as public involvement in communities counted in favour of most candidates. Others were included because of their general education and research experience on gender issues. Out of the previous seventeen shortlisted the list was further reduced to twelve people, six of whom would be interviewed on Friday and the last group on Monday.

The Chairperson explained to members that he had a discussion with the office of the Speaker with the view of having the process extended to accommodate people who still need to submit some nominations. During the discussion it decided that unless it was absolutely necessary there could be an extension of a day but Monday still remained the final day for the interviews.

Ms M Sooco (UCDP) nominated Shabangu who was not on the shortlist and asked the Chairperson if the request to have the process extended had been agreed to by the Speakers office.

Ms S Camerer (NNP) said the list should be reduced to four people because it was for only one vacancy.

Ms R Southgate (ACDP) asked the Chairperson if he had raised the extension with the Speaker. Would the budget allow for transport costs of twelve to fifteen people?

The chairperson said the deadline was Monday but could be extended to Tuesday as they had to verify the qualifications of the candidates with the institutions and further suggested that they scrutinize the present list. They should focus on the shortlist of seventeen people and proposed the name of Beatrice Mkwanazi who had been nominated by the ANC to be added on the list.

Ms Southgate said Ethne Davey was suitable for inclusion in the list as a possible candidate for interview because of her age and the various South African languages she speaks.

Dr. U Roopnarain (IFP) said they should look on the Provincial representation and added that the name of Charlene Smith be added in the shortlist because she had been nominated by five political parties. Abigail Dreyer should also be included because of her activist and academic background.

The Chairperson said Roshni should be noted but not included in the list. Maanda Nnditsheni should be included as a result of her background in the rights issues. The Chairperson said Adriana Laubscher should be included because she has a Ph.D, works with an Advice Office, and had been involved in training of women on gender issues.

Zeni Tshongweni according to the Chairperson has been supported by a number of parties and her name should go on the list. Nomonde Mgumane is an experienced activist she was
in the Labour Movement in the 80's and had done some Business Studies her name should be kept on the list.

Asha Ramlal is an attorney other than that she does not have public involvement but was involved with children's issues therefore her name was recommended. Thekiso Geraldine Nomonde should be considered because of her experience and exposure to rural issues. Molestane Nontobeko has been involved in a number of projects therefore should be considered.

Humprey Heyns Annette should be included because she is deaf and is involved in number of projects that dealt with sign language. Beatrice Mkhwanazi should also be included because of her experience in the public domain.

The following are candidates to be interviewed.
Ethne Davey
Charlene Smith
Abigail R Dreyer
Nnditsheni D Maanda
Adriana Loubscher
Zeni K Tshongweni
Mgumane Nomonde
Asha Krishanlal Ramlal
Thekiso Geraldine Nomonde
Nontobeko Moletsane
Humprey Heyns Annete
Beatrice Mkhwanazi

The meeting was adjourned.


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