Postponement of meeting due to lack of quorum

Standing Committee on Auditor General

09 November 2012
Chairperson: Adv M Masutha (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Standing Committee on Auditor-General was set to adopt minutes, but due to a lack of quorum, Members agreed to hold a short meeting during the parliamentary sitting to adopt pending reports. The date would be communicated to Members.

Meeting report

The Chairperson asked the Committee Secretary to confirm whether members had received notification of the meeting.

Mr Johnny Ramrock, Committee Secretary, replied that he had sent two text messages and had emphasised the importance of this particular meeting.

Mr J Steenheissen (DA) confirmed that he had received al the messages from the secretary.

The Chairperson also acknowledged receipt of the notification. He suggested rescheduling the meeting to the following week.

Mr G George (DA) stated that he had official commitments the following week; therefore, he would not be available for the meeting.

The Chairperson stated that he would only be available the following week because afterwards, he would be participating in the Magistrate Commissions’ short listing candidates.

Mr Steenheissen agreed with the Chairperson on convening a meeting during a sitting just to adopt the minutes.

Mr Ramrock said that it would be difficult to get a venue, and the Committee might not be provided with catering.

Members agreed that catering was not important; they just needed a venue to hold a quick 10-minute meeting. The date and time would be communicated to Members.

The Chairperson reminded Members that Committee meetings had to be public, so they would have to find a way to inform the public about the meeting.

Members suggested making an announcement asking members of the committee to stay behind after a joint sitting to adopt the reports.

The meeting was adjourned.


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