Committee Report on Department of Home Affairs 2012 Strategic Plan

Home Affairs

22 April 2012
Chairperson: Mr A Gaum (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee considered and adopted (with amendments) its report on the Department of Home Affairs 2012 Strategic Plan.


Meeting report

Introduction by Acting Chairperson and Announcements

The Acting Chairperson welcomed members and thanked them for jointly wishing a quick recovery to the Chairperson of the Committee who was sick. He reminded Members that the debate on 25 April 2012 would start at 17:00 in the Old Assembly building. The Minister of Home Affairs had invited Members to attend a walkabout that would start at 16:00 at the courtyard in front of the Old Assembly Building. Members were encouraged to attend both the walkabout and the debate. The Minister would also host a dinner for all Members in the dining hall of the same venue.

It was noted that a quorum was met and the consideration and adoption of the report could proceed.

Committee Report on Department of Home Affairs 2012 Strategic Plan

The Acting Chairperson tabled the report for consideration and requested Members to read through it and identify any amendments that should be made to it.

The Acting Chairperson suggested that the researcher of the committee should ensure consistency throughout the report with regards to the name of the Independent Electoral Commission. The report should have it called as either the Electoral Commission or the Independent Electoral Commission. The use of both was confusing.

The Acting Chairperson said that the conclusion of the report was shallow and passive. He recommended that the conclusion of the report be improved to capture an overview of the details in the report.

Mr M Mnqasela (DA) requested that the phrase in the conclusion of the report that said that the committee recommended that budget vote 4 be passed should be eliminated from the report. He proposed that the statement should rather read that the report is recommended for consideration.

The Acting Chairperson proposed that the report be adopted with amendments. Mr M De Freitas (DA) and Mr Mackintosh (COPE) seconded this proposal.

Other Matters

The Acting Chairperson announced that members who were on the committee’s trip to Russia could forward photographs taken during the trip to the committee researcher so as to create a collection of the photographs from the trip.

The meeting was adjourned. 


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