Impact of 2012 State of Nation Address on Home Affairs: briefing by Parliament Research Unit

Home Affairs

13 February 2012
Chairperson: Ms M Maunye (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The presentation focused on the various ways in which the State of The Nation Address touched on topics affecting the Department of Home Affairs and analyzed the effect of the speech on the workings of the Department of Home Affairs. The Committee Researcher noted the need to improve border security, information and communications technology and trade routes capacity due to the increased volume of trade, update the scarce skills list and recruit foreign scarce skills to stimulate development and related job creation within the country. The presentation also touched on meaningful economic transformation and inclusive growth. The presentation looked at what progress had been made since the 2011 State of the Nation Address.

Members asked questions about budgetary implications and staff; clarification on filling vacancies; the lack of Home Affairs staff in remote areas, at borders as well as the lack of Home Affairs Offices. Members contended that with so many jobless South Africans, the current state of affairs was not right. Immigration permits and the need for foreign skilled labour featured in the debate. Although not part of the State of the Nation Address, the matter of the closure of refugee reception centres and security of refugees was discussed. The need to stem corruption in the Department was also mentioned.

Meeting report

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