Sexual Abuse of Children: report

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


23 April 2002

Mr. E Saloogee (ANC)

Documents handed out
Report on child abuse

The Committee unanimously decided that before the report could be sent to the National Assembly it should be restructured so as to conform to the technical aspects of report writing.
The report discussed recommendations but findings were not mentioned. It was also suggested that the report be available in two languages. A small team consisting of four members plus one researcher was assigned to this task.

The final report will be concluded next Friday and before proceeding to the National Assembly it will be submitted to the political parties for consideration.

The Chairperson stated that the report accurately reflected the submissions.

Ms S Kalyan (DP) asked if this was the final version of the report and would action would follow.

The chairperson suggested to members that they should read the report carefully and consider the recommendations.

Ms N Tsheole (ANC) suggested that the way forward should be the adoption of the report and thereafter be taken to political parties for consideration. What was the life span of the Committee granted by the National Assembly to interact with state departments on issues that had been raised in the report.

The Chairperson said they should suggest time frames to the National Assembly.

Dr O Baloyi (IFP) said he did not have enough time to read the report but he had problems with the manner in which the presentation had been written and structured. However, he did agree that it was a fair reflection of the submissions.

The Chairperson said they did not want to function indefinitely but as a task team they should engage with the departments. This would be discussed with the presiding officers of the National Assembly.

Ms Kalyan said on specific recommendations they needed their own calendar. Who was to perform the audit?

Dr Baloyi repeated that his major concern was about the sequence of the report. He said nowhere were the issues summed up before the recommendations. In some cases there was hardly a recommendation but the title says recommendations.

Ms L Mabe (ANC) needed clarification on whether the report would go to the parties before the researchers access it.

The Chairperson said they should collectively interact with the various stakeholders and then return to evaluate progress.

Dr Baloyi said it was imperative that they take the final document to the parties. He proposed that three of four people from the committee restructure the document.

Dr Baloyi said if the document were on disc the task would be made easy.

Ms P Cupido (DP) said she could not be part of the smaller committee because she was presently busy with the Immigration Bill.

The Chairperson asked for volunteers. A strong team was needed to expedite process. The
researcher who was part of the submissions proceedings would also be involved.

The meeting was adjourned.


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