Energy Portfolio Committee Chairperson Election


17 January 2011
Chairperson: Mr S Njikelana (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

In terms of Joint Rule 120 (C), the Committee unanimously elected Mr S Njikelana (ANC). Members pledged their support and wished the incoming chairperson well.

Meeting report

Election of Chairperson
Mr Pilate Gwebu, Committee Secretary, read the rules for electing a Committee Chairperson and opened the meeting for nominations.

Mr J Selau (ANC) proposed Mr S Njikelana (ANC).

Mr L Greyling (ID) seconded this nomination.

The Committee Secretary asked whether there were any objections and if there were further nominations.

There were no further nominations and Mr Njikelana was duly elected.

The new Chairperson thanked all the Members for showing confidence in him. He wanted the Committee to work as a team throughout his term of office and promised to do his level best as Chairperson. As an alternate Member last year, he observed a few priorities and challenges that the Committee faced and believed that these could be overcomed. Lastly, he expressed gratitude to Ms E Thabethe (ANC), the former chairperson of the Committee, who was now the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry.

Mr S Radebe (ANC) congratulated the new chairperson on behalf of the ANC and promised his party’s support. In addition, he called on the Committee to increase the standards already set.

The Chairperson thanked him and asked if there was further input.

Mr S Motau (DA) welcomed the new Chairperson on behalf of the DA and looked forward to working with him. He reminded Members that they had a critical role to play and hoped that the Committee would become the best in Parliament.

Mr Greyling commented that the Committee was vitally important and looked forward to working with the new chairperson.

The Chairperson said that he was working with the Committee Secretary on a draft plan for the year and thanked the Members for their comments and input.

The meeting was adjourned.


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