Appropriations Standing Committee: Third Quarter Expenditure Report 2009/10 & Eastern Cape Oversight Report

Standing Committee on Appropriations

07 September 2010
Chairperson: Mr E Sogoni (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider the third Quarter Expenditure Report 2009/10 as well as the report on the oversight visit to the Eastern Cape. Both reports were approved with minor technical amendments.

Meeting report

Third Quarter Expenditure Report 2009/10
The Chairperson went through the recommendations of the Report and invited Members to comment or point out corrections.

Members made a few minor amendments.

Ms B Ngcobo (ANC) moved for the adoption and Mr M Swart (DA) seconded the motion. Consequently, the Third Quarterly report was adopted with minor technical amendments.

Members agreed that Departments should report to the Committee on audit findings and recommendations so that Members could have a balanced view of the situation.

Eastern Cape Oversight Report
The Chairperson reminded Members that the Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Education was supposed to be present during the consideration. He suggested that the department could be invited even when the Report had already been adopted.

Ms R Mashigo (ANC) said that other Departments mentioned in the Report should also be invited to discuss the findings.

Mr Sizwe Nyenyiso, Researcher, Parliamentary Research Unit, went through the First draft word for word and Members pointed out minor amendments.

Mr Swart moved for the adoption and Mr G Snell (ANC) seconded the motion. The First Draft Oversight Report was adopted with minor technical amendments.

The meeting was adjourned



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