Postponement of Discussion on IPAP 2 supplementary report; Nominations to serve on National Lotteries Board

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Trade, Industry and Competition

31 August 2010
Chairperson: Ms J Fubbs (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee did not consider the supplementary IPAP2 report as the Chairperson felt that it needed to be dealt with appropriately in terms of the timing of the release of the report and dealing with its impact. In that regard, a task team was established to deal with affairs arising from the report. The team would report back at the next full meeting of the Committee.

In addition, Members were appointed to different task teams considering the Companies’ Amendment Bill, intellectual property legislation and gambling legislation.

Mr Jerry Tibedi’s name was forwarded to the Minister of Trade and Industry as the Committee’s recommendation for the vacant slot on the National Lotteries Board.

Meeting report

Postponement of Discussion on IPAP 2 supplementary report
The Chairperson announced that the Committee would not be discussing the supplementary IPAP2 report at this stage as its contents were dynamite. The report needed to be dealt with appropriately in terms of the timing of the release of the report and dealing with its impact.

Furthermore, the Chairperson alleged that small companies using steel and iron ore products were closing down whilst Kumba was making money hand over fist shipping iron ore out of South Africa and Arcelor- Mittal were commercial plunderers destroying the few small businesses that existed. She wanted to establish a task team around the report so that something could be done about the situation.

The Committee accepted this proposal.

Appointment of Task Teams
The meeting moved on to consider the establishment of task teams, specifically one on intellectual property as this team would engage with a team of overseas experts. The team would comprise of the Chairperson, Mr S Marais (DA), Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC), Ms C September (ANC) and Adv Elbers would be asked to avail himself to be a member. Any Member who wanted to participate could do so. The intellectual property legislation was considered very important and the Minister of Trade and Industry had requested that the Committee give it priority status.

The Chairperson noted that task teams also needed to be set up for legislation on the Companies’ Amendment Bill and on gambling legislation. The Estate Agents Bill would, in most likelihood, be processed in the following year.

Ms S Lebenya (IFP) and Mr S Njikelana (ANC) volunteered to join the Companies task team and Ms C Kotsi (COPE) and Ms F Khumalo (ANC) volunteered for the gambling task team.

The Chairperson noted that the Companies Bill was critical as it was directly linked to the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO).

It was agreed that the task team dealing with the supplementary IPAP2 report needed to have something ready for presentation at the next full Committee meeting.

Nominations to serve on
National Lotteries Board
Mr Gcwabaza, seconded by Mr B Radebe, proposed Mr Jerry Tibedi as the Committee’s nominee for the National Lotteries Board.

Mr Van Der Westhuizen proposed Mr Pieter Badenhorst. As there was no one to second the proposal, only Mr Tibedi’s name would be sent to the Minister.

Consideration of Minutes
The minutes dated 21 May and 2 June were considered and accepted for adoption.

Other Matters
The Chairperson reviewed the Committee’s forthcoming work schedule and reminded Members about some of their priorities. This included work on the Budget Review Recommendations process, publication of the Committee’s report on the oversight visit to the Eastern Cape as well as the report on the World Trade Organisation study workshop.

The meeting was adjourned.



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