Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Coordinated Oversight of Service Delivery: deliberations

Ad Hoc Committee on Coordinated Oversight on Service Delivery

30 August 2010
Chairperson: Mr L Tsenoli (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee went through some aspects of the draft report on coordinated oversight visit on service delivery. Members were given time to study the document and submit their comments and recommendations before it could be adopted. Members concerns included grammatical errors and some omissions that were made by the drafters.

Meeting report

Draft Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Coordinated Oversight of Service Delivery
The Chairperson recommended that the contents of the report should be debated on 15 September 2010 as Members needed to study it thoroughly first.

Mr P Smith (IFP) mentioned that the report had many grammatical errors and made no mention about the reasons for the service delivery protests that had erupted countrywide.

Ms H Ndude (COPE) pointed out that the report had omitted reference to the oversight visit to the North West. The people in that province had complained about Eskom and dams that were neglected.

Mr C Steyn (DA) urged Members to make specific recommendations on the report.

The Chairperson suggested that Members should “lift out key patterns and trends that emerged from the report”. The Secretariat would collate that information and circulate it to Members.

Ms D Nhlengethwa (ANC) reminded her colleagues that they had previously agreed that the support staff had to compile a condensed version of the report, and in her view, this had been done very well. She added that Members could just add their own observations during the House sitting debate.

Mr M Mdakane (ANC) reminded the Secretariat that a draft report should be clearly labeled as a draft, so that any person who got hold of it would understand that it had not been adopted.

Mr Smith felt that the scheduled time of the meeting was not enough to make a final decision; he suggested that a decision on the Report could be made in the following meeting.

The Chairperson concurred with Mr Smith and said that all political parties would get enough time to study the Report and submit comments before Friday the 3 September 2010 and come back with an informed decision. He instructed the Committee Secretary to forward the Draft Report to the House Chairperson Mr Obed Bapela and state that it had not been formally adopted.

The meeting was adjourned.



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