Tourism Portfolio Committee: Joint Oversight Report to Cape Town International Airport


01 March 2010
Chairperson: Mr D M Gumede (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

There Committee met to consider and adopt the Joint Oversight Report to Cape Town International Airport as well as two outstanding minutes. Members were not satisfied with the quality of the report and therefore postponed its adoption. However, Members did not have any objections with the outstanding minutes and consequently approved them.

Meeting report

Consideration of Joint Oversight Report to Cape Town International Airport
The Chairperson mentioned that he was not satisfied with the first draft of the joint Oversight Report to Cape Town International Airport. The report needed to be edited as it was written in the present tense. In addition, it needed to be combined with the Oversight Report to OR Tambo International Airport.

Ms J Tshivhase (ANC) remarked that she too had noted the tense in which the Repot was written. She added that the Report should not have been written in the present tense.

The Chairperson suggested that a sub-Committee be established to go over the Report.

Ms M Njobe (COPE) suggested that in the interest of better preparing Members for meetings; all reports should be distributed on Thursdays.

The Chairperson agreed and stated that they would try to distribute the Report by Wednesday or Thursday of the following week.

Ms C Zikala (IFP) endorsed this proposal.

The Chairperson reiterated that the Report was not of a professional standard and to accept it would be a bad reflection on the Committee.


Adoption of Minutes

The Chairperson tabled two outstanding minutes for consideration. The minutes were dated 16 February 2010 and 23 February 2010. Members were given the opportunity to peruse the minutes and thereafter make any corrections to them.


Both sets of minutes were approved, with the latter approved subject to further refinement.


Other Matters
The Chairperson read out a letter that had been sent to the Committee by the Department of Arts and Culture. In the letter, the Department had expressed regret that it would be unable to attend the Committee’s strategic planning workshop.


The Chairperson also referred to the letter received from the House Chairperson of Oversight Committees concerning visits to various border posts to assess their readiness for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. The letter stated that the countries, provinces and borders to be visited were still being decided. This was dependant on the resources available. The dates for these visits still needed to be finalised.

The meeting was adjourned.


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