Interviews for the position of Inspector-General of the Intelligence Services

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Meeting Summary

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee on 10 November 2009:

Mr B Gilder
Mr D Dlomo
Adv F Radebe
Mr J Kotane
Mr S Sokupa

Meeting report

Candidates were asked the following:

•The interviewees were asked to give a brief background of themselves (who they were and what they had achieved) in relation to the job they were applying for.

•Candidates were asked to explain why they were applying for the position and why they thought they were the best candidate.

•They were also asked to elaborate on what skills and experience and expertise they would bring to this position.

•They were asked about the different entities and structures that either worked with or formed part of the Intelligence community.

•Nominees were asked to share their knowledge about the different legislations that applied to the Intelligence Services.

•They were asked about their understanding of the different roles an Inspector-General.

•The nominees were asked how they would ensure that confidence, independence and impartiality was restored in the Intelligence Services.

•Candidates were also asked to explain how they would tackle matters of political interference, especially when they are required to take critical decisions involving senior government officials.

•Candidates were asked to explain their management style and what sort of relationship they would have with their staff.

•They were asked to disclose their weaknesses, but were not obliged to answer the question.

•Nominees were asked if they were fit and proper enough to do the job and how they would handle the pressures of the job.

Refer to the audio link above to listen to the candidates’ responses to the questions.

The meeting was adjourned.


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