Interviews of Candidates for the National Lotteries Board

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Trade, Industry and Competition

27 October 2009
Chairperson: Ms J Fubbs (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee on 28 October 2009:
Prof. N Nevhutanda
Mr V Nkosi
Ms G Deiner
Mr L Brenner
Mr G Reddy
Ms N Loyilane
Mr M Swana
Mr M Bahula
Mr P Badenhorst

Meeting report

Candidates were asked the following:

•The interviewees were asked to give a brief background of themselves (who they were and what they had achieved) in relation to the job they were applying for.

•They were asked to explain the main functions of the National Lotteries Board.

•Candidates were asked to identify and explain the challenges relating the implementation of the National Lotteries Act.

•They were asked how they would address the delays in the distribution of funds and what elementary solutions they would bring in fast tracking the distribution of funds to the beneficiaries.

•They were asked to explain how they would mend the strained relations between the Distributing Agencies and National Lottery Fund.

•Nominees were asked to articulate the key 5 year strategic objectives of the Board.

•They were asked about their understanding of the different roles of the Chief Executive Officer the Board the Minister and Parliament.

•How they would ensure that the realistic targets of the Chief Executive Officer were met? Furthermore, how would they evaluate his performance?

•Candidates were also asked to give details of their involvement in any private businesses.

•They were asked to explain whether they were involved in any other high level responsibilities in other institutions.

•Candidates were asked if they had any suggestions that would assist in ensuring that Community Based Organisations (CBO’s) and NGO’s were able to access funds from the National Lottery Fund.

•What strategies could be applied to assess the impact of funds- whether they’ve been used effectively and efficiently by the beneficiaries?

•They were asked to clarify any aspect of their nomination and to inform the Committee about anything they felt should be brought to its attention.

Refer to the audio link above to listen to the candidates’ responses to the questions.

The meeting was adjourned.


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