Department of Sports and Recreation & Boxing SA matters: deliberations

Sports, Arts and Culture

22 June 2009
Chairperson: Mr B Komphela (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

This meeting was held with a view to considering the past Minutes and the recommendations that the Committee would make on the budget vote hearings of the Department of Sports and Recreation. Although neither the Minutes nor the draft were adopted at this meeting, Members noted some areas to be included or highlighted. These included the position of the Boxing SA board, whether it should be dissolved by the Minister and replaced with an interim board, clarity on the role of the Department, and its need to be more vigorous in its approach, the need to have some input from the Sports Trust as to how facilities were dispersed and what progress was being made. The Chairperson noted that the draft report already contained recommendations in relation to the budget allocated to prevent doping, and out-of-competition testing. Members commented that the draft Minutes contained some inaccuracies and the Committee Whip would rectify these so that the Minutes could be adopted by the Committee, and the Committee would finalise these and its decision on the budget vote on 1 July.

Meeting report

The Chairperson began by noting that this was a meeting where input would be taken from the Members, and recommendations could be made with regard to the final adoption of the Committee reports compiled from the previous meeting held on the 17 June around the Department of Sports and Recreation and Boxing SA. The recommendations made at that meeting were noted in the report, but he asked Members to consider whether any others should be added.

He noted that point number 1 on the Minutes of the previous meeting was not clear. It did not fully explain the position of the Board of Boxing SA and the members who resigned. It also did not make it clear whether the Board of Boxing SA (BSA) would be dissolved and be replaced, by the Minister, with an interim board that would oversee its affairs.

Mr Z Luyenge (ANC) said that the Department of Sports and Recreation (SRSA or the Department) must be clear and point out the areas in which there were faults and failures. This Committee had a different role to that of the Department. There should be clear differentiation between tasks and responsibilities.

The Chairperson added that recommendations could be made with regard to the inefficiency of the Department in that regard.

Mr M Dikgacwi (ANC) added that the Committee would have to deal vigorously with the Department.

Mr L Suku (ANC) also commented on the lukewarm approach by the Department and its entity.

The Chairperson said that a short input would be expected from the Sports Trust to explain how the facilities were being dispersed throughout the country. He cited the example of KwaZulu Natal, where R8 million had been paid for a stadium at Empolweni, yet there seemed to be no progress. It was only after the third visit that some progress had been made, and even then it was limited, and there had been a large photograph of the previous Minister still displayed.

The Chairperson said that another recommendation already made in the Report in relation to the Department’s budget was that R10 million, to be allocated to prevent doping in schools, was reasonable, given the importance of creating a drug-free environment and of properly utilising resources and creating awareness. The Chairperson related that recently he had watched a school match, where the children were supposedly drinking Powerade, yet ended up drunk because these bottles held alcohol. This was to a certain extent facilitated by the teachers, and such behaviour could not be condoned. He noted that the current drug-free institutions were in Bloemfontein and in Tunisia. Another focus area that was mentioned was that out-of-sport as well as out of competition testing, with parental consent of course, would be useful

Mr Z Luyenge (ANC) said that the Minutes that were tabled should not be released as they had several spelling and grammatical errors.

The Chairperson responded by saying that the documents would be sent to the Committee Whip, Mr C Frolick (ANC), who would update them and clarify areas of concern such the role of the BSA. He asked that Mr Frolick then email the final copy to the members, and, after adoption, this copy would be allowed into the public domain.

The Chairperson then noted that Parliamentary Monitoring Group minutes were contained on that organisation’s website, and Members suggested that the Committee Secretary take a lead from PMG in regard to quality and accuracy of the Minutes.

Mr J Mc Gluwa (ID) complained that his name was not on the Committee list and asked that this be rectified promptly.

The Chairperson concluded that the Committee would then finalise its decision around the budgets on 1 July.

The Chairperson asked that the Committee Secretary add the inputs made during this meeting, and ensure that the Minutes and resolutions were reflected correctly, for adoption at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


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