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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

The Chair said that the bill as drafted does not reflect the position taken by the ANC clearly

13 November 2001

Chairperson: Ms L. Jacobus

Documents Handed Out
NCOP Social Services Minutes of Meetings (October-November 2001)
Committee Programme

The Committee approved and adopted the minutes for meetings held during October and November 2001. The Committee discussed the proposed commencement date of January 2002 for next year's session. The session was closed for the current year.

The Committee proceeded through the meetings held from 9 October and 6 November 2001. All meetings were approved and adopted.

9 October 2001 Meeting
The minutes discussed the briefing on the status of the proposed legislation by the Department. Ms Witbooi (NNP) said that she had sent an apology.

The Chair asked the clerk to re-check the list and at the same time advised members to ensure that their apologies were duly delivered. A written apology is preferred in any case. The minutes were then approved and adopted.

12 October 2001 Meeting
The Social Development Chapter of the Intergovernmental Fiscal Review (IGFR) was presented. The minutes were approved and adopted.

16 October 2001 Meeting
The Health Chapter of the Intergovernmental Fiscal Review was presented.The minutes were approved and adopted.

23 October 2001 Meeting
This meeting hosted a presentation by the Department of Health on the implementation of the Home/Community Based Care Programme and a briefing on the Status of Cholera, Malaria and Meningitis in South Africa. Ms Witbooi informed the Chair that she attended the meeting only that she left early. The Chair asked the clerk to re-check the register. The minutes were, nonetheless, approved and adopted

30 October 2001 Meeting
A briefing by the Cabinet Social Cluster was presented. The minutes were approved and adopted.

6 November 2001 Meeting
This meeting was on a Site visit to Clinics in the Western Cape. The minutes were approved and adopted.

13 November 2001 Meeting
The Chair said that this was the last meeting for the year and that the next Committee meeting would take place early January 2002. This was approved and adopted.

The Chair informed members that the Whips would determine dates for the next meetings. She added that it is common for legislation to take precedence over other matters hence whatever is listed would proceed according to the legislative programme.

Mr Makoela (ANC) reminded the Chair that the provinces has their own time table and that the term may commence later than the National Assembly.

The Chair agreed with Mr Makoela and stated that this has to be confirmed so that the Committee could seek special clearance from the National Assembly to sit before the Provinces commence.

The Chair thanked members for their attendance and contributions in meetings. The meeting was adjourned.


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