NEMLA Bill & National Forests Amendment Bill

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Submissions are now closed (since 31 July 2020)

Standing Committee on Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (WCPP)

The Standing Committee on Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament invites stakeholders and interested persons and organisations to make submissions on the National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill [B 14D–2017] and the National Forests Amendment Bill [B 11B–2016).


Comments must be sent to by not later than 31 July 2020

Requests to make a verbal presentation to the committee should reach the procedural officer no later than 12:00, 17 July 2020

Submit an oral submission by leaving a voice note on WhatsApp, Cell no 072 060 1064 

Oral submissions must include full contact details (name and surname, email address and contact number) and a clear indication must be given of which amendment bill is being commented on


The purpose of the National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill is to amend certain provisions under the Acts listed in the amendment bill related to Protected Areas, Biodiversity, Air Quality, Integrated Coastal Management, Waste Management and National Environmental Management, among others, in order to provide for clarity and textual amendments.


The purpose of the National Forests Amendment Bill is to amend the National Forests Act, 1998 (Act 84 of 1998), to provide for clear definitions of natural forests and woodlands; to provide for public trusteeship of the nation’s forestry resources; to increase the promotion and enforcement of sustainable forest management; to increase the measures provided for in the Act to control and remedy deforestation; to provide for appeals against decisions taken under delegated powers and duties; to reinforce offences and penalties and to provide for matters connected therewith.


You can track the bills here:

National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill 

National Forests Amendment Bill