Dental Technology Professions Draft Bill

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Submissions are now closed (since 15 April 2017)


The South African Dental Technicians Council invites you to comment on the Dental Technology Professions Draft Bill.

The draft Dental Technology Professions Bill aims to:
• provide a legislative framework for the transformation and restructuring of the dental technology profession into a profession which is broadly representative of the Republic's demographics ;
• ensure that the values underpinning the Constitution are embraced and that the rule of law is upheld;
• ensure that dental technology services are accessible by introducing the practice of clinical dental technology;
• regulate the dental technology profession;
• regulate the import and export manufacturing, sale or distribution of goods or dental technology specific equipment required, used, manufactured and repaired for use in the practice of dental technology and to regulate persons possessing, trading in, exporting, importing or carrying of unmounted artificial teeth or any dental or oral prosthesis or part or component thereof;
• repeal the South African Dental Technicians Act, 1979;

Comments can be emailed to Ms P Nkuna at by no later than Saturday, 15 April 2016.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms P Nkuna on tel (012) 342 4134