Draft position paper on South African Biofuels Regulatory Framework

Call for comments opened 27 January 2014 Share this page:


The Minister of Energy, in terms of Section 17 of the National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008) published the Draft Position Paper on the South African Biofuels Regulatory Framework in the Schedule hereto, and has asked for comments from the public.

Comments can be emailed to Mr Muzi W Mkhize at muzi.mkhize@energy.gov.za / mmarena.mphahlele@energy.gov.za / edzisani.ndiitwani@energy.gov.za by no later than Monday, 10 February 2014.

Enquiries can be directed to Mr Ompi Aphane on tel (012) 406 7571 or Mr Muzi W Mkhize on tel (012) 406 7662 / 7680