General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (GILAB)

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Ad Hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (NA) (2023)

The Ad hoc Committee on the General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill invites relevant stakeholders and interested parties to submit written comments on the General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill [B40-2023]

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The Bill seeks to:

•    Undo the establishment of the SSA, in line with the recommendations of the High level Review Panel on State Security Agency
•    Establish the South African Intelligence Agency, which will have a domestic focus and be responsible for counter-intelligence and intelligence gathering functions.
•    Establish a South African Intelligence Service responsible for foreign intelligence gathering.
•    Clarify the mandate of the two Intelligence Services that are to be established.
•    Re-establish the South African National Academy of Intelligence (SANAI), which is responsible for intelligence training.
•    Provide a legislative mandate for Bulk Interception in compliance with the Constitutional Court judgement.[1] The judgement declared bulk surveillance unlawful and noted that section 2 of the National Strategic Intelligence Act, No. 39 of 1994, is ambiguous, and should thus be interpreted in a manner that best promotes the right to privacy.
•    Provide for a regulatory framework for compliance monitoring, coordination and alignment of intelligence activities.
•    Provide for the regulation of Cybersecurity, protection of information and intelligence.
•    Enable the Minister to prescribe issues of accountability and control of Intelligence Services in line with Section 209 of the Constitution.
•    To provide for matters related to former members of the Intelligence Services.



Issued by Hon JJ Maake, MP, Chairperson: Ad hoc Committee on General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill


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