20 February 2023

Tracking the Climate Change Bill in Parliament


The Climate Change Bill was introduced in Parliament in February 2022. The Bill acknowledges the urgent threat that climate change presents and emphasizes the need for an effective, progressive, and incremental response. The Bill aims to provide for a coordinated and integrated response to climate change, provide for the effective management of climate change impacts, make a fair contribution to the global effort to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations, ensure a just transition towards a low carbon economy and society, give effect to South Africa's international commitments and obligations in relation to climate change, and protect and preserve the planet for the benefit of present and future generations of humankind.

The Bill is undergoing extensive public consultation and generated wide interest, with approximately 13 200 written submissions received by Parliament. 

In this short review, we examine the actions and effectiveness of the South African Parliament in achieving outcomes in relation to the climate change agenda. We also highlight the observations, comments and recommendations of key stakeholders. READ HERE

Gauteng Public Hearings 

12 March 2023: see video | Media Statement

11 March 2023: see video

10 March 2023: see video | Media Statement

KwaZulu-Natal Public Hearings 

04 March 2023: see video | Media Statement

03 March 2023: see video 1; video 2 

Limpopo Public Hearings 

18 February 2023: see video | Media Statement 

17 February 2023: see video

Mpumalanga Public Hearings 

05 February 2023: see video | Media Statement

04 February 2023: see video | Media Statement 


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