12 September 2022

Parliamentary Constituency Offices Survey


Parliamentary Constituency Offices are funded through public funds and constituency work is meant to be an integral part of what Members of Parliament (MP) and Members of Provincial Legislatures (MPLs) do. Constituency offices are the focal points for communities on the ground and must, ideally, provide a direct link between legislatures and the public.

Parliament has stated that “the Parliamentary Constituency Offices play a vital role in enabling the public to become active citizens and to take part in parliamentary activities. Services that give effect to this are direct interaction with MPs and MPLs, the opportunity to lobby representatives, report-backs from elected representatives and advice on how to access services from both public and private sector establishments.”

This 11-question survey forms part of our research which takes a comprehensive look at constituency outreach and engagement in South Africa, and assesses the extent to which Parliament (and to a lesser extent provincial legislatures), individual MPs and MPLs carry out, prioritise and make investments towards constituency work.

Pubic participation is the bedrock on which democracy rests. Please help us by filling in this survey, your opinion matters: CLICK LINK TO TAKE OUR SURVEY



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