12 October 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Other Developments: Update (12 October 2020)


Social grants and services

  • A ministerial directive gazetted on 7 October amended directions in place since 6 August by:
    • extending to 31 December the validity of temporary disability grants and care dependency grants that have already lapsed during the State of Disaster or are due to lapse
    • requiring the Social Security Agency of SA to include ‘checking with banks’ when reassessing failed applications for a special temporary social relief of distress grant
    • resuming inter-country adoption processes, and
    • setting out the social distancing, health and hygiene measures to be taken at ‘drop in’ centres.


Sports, arts and culture activities


  • On 7 October, a ministerial directive was issued:
    • aligning directions in place since 28 August with the latest disaster management regulations, allowing:
      • international events involving countries from medium- and low-risk countries subject to compliance with prevailing social distancing, health and hygiene requirements, and
      • setting out the control measures to be taken.




  • A ministerial directive gazetted on 7 October sets out the measures to be taken at live biodiversity auctions involving plant and animal species.




  • A draft policy framework for ‘audio and audio-visual content services’ was gazetted on 9 October for comment. Among other things, it proposes:
    • a new licensing system
    • repealing the ‘enabling provisions in law for must-carry regulation’
    • a review of subscription service advertising revenue share to ensure the sustainability and viability of free-to-air services, and
    • an end to exclusive transmission agreements for free-to-air public broadcasting service offerings.


Prepared by Pam Saxby


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