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7 June 2006

Chairperson: Ms P Tshwete (ANC)

Documents Handed Out
Minutes of previous meetings

The Ad Hoc Committee adopted minutes of previous meetings and agreed that its advertisement for nominations to the Commission on Gender Equality would be disseminated further to reach as many interested people as possible. It also agreed that interviews for the vacancies on the Commission would be conducted during July.

The Chair asked Members if the minutes were a true reflection of the meetings that were held.

22 March 2006
Ms J Semple (DA) said page 2 seemed missing. The Committee Secretary acknowledged this and immediately circulated a photocopy of the missing page.

The Chair apologised for the missing page.

14 March 2006
Adopted without change

22 March 2006; 4, 8 and 10 May 2006, and 11 and 31 June 2006

The minutes of 4 May incorrectly stated that the Chair was absent. She attended the meeting and the minutes were changed accordingly.

Ms M Morutoa (ANC) said the minutes of 22 March were incorrect as an acting chairperson had not been elected at that meeting. The minutes also did not reflect that the Chair could not attend due to illness.

The Chair d argued that the acting chairperson matter did not arise because the Chair attended the subsequent meeting. On the reconciliation of the minutes in regard to the Chair’s illness, the Chair sought the Committee Secretary’s input. He explained that the minutes were a reflection of matters that were discussed and deliberated in the meeting; anything outside the meeting would not form part of the minutes.

With this clarification, the Chair asked the Committee to adopt the minutes. This was done unanimously.

Shortlist and Interview Schedule for Appointment of Gender Equality Commission Commissioners

The Chair informed the Committee that an advert requesting nominations had been placed in the media with a submission deadline of 26 June. She was however concerned that the advert would not been seen by all interested parties and asked for advice on this matter.

Ms Semple suggested photocopying the advert and distributing it as widely as possible, while Ms S Rajbally (MF) suggested the use of parliament constituency offices.

Mr P Mathebe (ANC) while agreeing that as many people as possible should be reached, objected to the use of Members to advertise as it was not their responsibility. He suggested the use of the Committee Secretary.

The Chair agreed with the expressed sentiments and asked a Parliamentary Legal Advisor, Mr Tshiliso Modikane, whether the Committee was within its rights to further advertise the nominations process.

Mr Modikane stated that it was within the Committee’s powers to distribute the advert further as this fell in its mandate of public engagement and participation. It would be correct to do so, provided that it did not disadvantage any applicants.

The Committee agreed that further dissemination of the advertisement would be done by the Committee Secretary with an explanation of why the Committee was reaching out beyond the original advert.

The Chair advised the Secretary to use the ANC Caucus as an opportunity to advertise and to reach other parties too. In this way, the message would reach the constituencies and as a result reach as many people as possible.

The Chair requested the Committee to consider the specific requirements that it would look for in candidates during the short listing and actual interviews. She suggested that the Committee should list specific questions for the candidates which should be guided by the advert, terms of reference, community accountability and their resume.

Ms J Charmers (ANC), while noting the issues raised by the Chair, argued that it was important to let the interviews be spontaneous.

Ms Rajbally agreed, arguing that questions should not be known beforehand. She added that candidates’ resumes would guide the Committee in their questions.

Ms M Sotyu (ANC, Free State) observed that it was important to have key questions that all candidates must answer and then a category of general, spontaneous questions.

The Chair agreed and asked the Secretary to provide Members with guidelines and all the relevant information on the posts and vacancies.

On the procedures, schedule and dates for the short listing and interviews, the Committee noted that this was a process dependant on a number of factors; including the number of CVs received, number of people short listed and other logistics relating to travel, reimbursement of funds to interviewees and the duration of the interviews.

The Committee agreed that deadlines for applications should be respected and that it would not sit beyond the end of July to finalise the interviews. It also agreed that each candidate would be interviewed for a maximum of 30 minutes and at least 10 minutes would be spent discussing the candidate. In respect to the time, dates and schedules, it was agreed that the Chair and the Secretary would work on the logistics and would issue notices to Members in due course.

The meeting was adjourned.


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