Shortlisting of candidates for PANSALB Board interviews

Sport, Arts and Culture

16 February 2024
Chairperson: Ms B Dlulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


The Portfolio Committee on Sport, Arts, and Culture convened virtually to agree on a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed for the Pan South African Languages Board (PanSALB). Members from the represented parties proposed their lists of names. The process was to find consensus amongst the names considering criteria set out by the legislation for the Board such as particular skills and representation of disabilities and gender. A final list of 25 candidates to interview was agreed to.

Meeting report

The Chairperson, Ms B Dlulane (ANC), expressed concern about the delayed start of the meeting due to Members' late arrivals. She emphasised the importance of promptly joining the meeting and the subsequent workshop. Despite efforts to remind Members, the Committee was still short of one participant, which she deemed irresponsible. The Chairperson acknowledged the challenges of scheduling meetings that clash with other commitments but stressed the need for punctuality and commitment to the Committee's work.

After confirming the absence of apologies, the Chairperson welcomed Members and initiated the adoption of the agenda. She highlighted the significance of the day's activities, particularly the shortlisting of candidates, and requested an update on the process from the Committee Secretariat. There was a joint workshop happening simultaneously with the shortlisting meeting, and she urged for a swift transition to allow Members to join the proceedings of the workshop.

Shortlisting of PanSALB Candidates

Ms Fiona Clayton, Committee Content Advisor, provided an overview of the day's agenda regarding the selection process for the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB). She outlined that nominations were solicited from the public late in 2023, adhering to the requirements set forth in the PanSALB legislation, which stipulated specific expertise areas such as legal, financial management, fundraising, and corporate governance. Ms Clayton said the nominations should align with Section 5 of the PanSALB Act.

Moving forward, Ms Clayton explained that the Committee would shortlist no more than 25 candidates from the received nominations. These candidates would undergo an interview process. Following the interviews, a final shortlist of no more than 20 candidates would be compiled and forwarded to the Minister, who would then appoint a board comprising between 11 to 15 members.


Mr R Adams (ANC) and Mr E Mthethwa (EFF) presented their proposed names for shortlisting, followed by Ms V van Dyk (DA) who also provided her list.

The Chairperson then proposed adopting the shortlisted names presented by Members, but the Committee Secretariat noted that not all Members had submitted their proposed names.

Ms V Malomane (ANC) had network challenges and submitted her written submission through the Committee Secretariat.

Mr M Zondi (ANC) noted that the names proposed by his colleague, Ms Malomane, included those he had intended to suggest, so he supported her proposals.

Mr Mthethwa expressed concern about ensuring gender representation on the shortlist, emphasising the importance of having an equitable balance between male and female candidates. He requested confirmation on the gender distribution before the list was adopted.

The Chairperson agreed with the importance of gender balance and suggested taking five minutes to review the list and ensure accurate gender representation among the proposed candidates.

The Content Advisor supported the need to ensure gender representation and requested a brief pause to consolidate the nominations and assign genders to the proposed candidates.

The Chairperson highlighted the significance of including individuals with specific skills (including sign language) and addressing language challenges in the nominations.

Mr Mthethwa suggested adding people with disabilities to embrace diversity.

The Chairperson said that she mentioned it under the specific skills.

During the discussion, the number of names proposed was 31. Members suggested the number be reduced to 25. Ms Van Dyk suggested removing those with incomplete documentation submitted.

Dr Herman Tembe, Office of Institutions Supporting Democracy, highlighted a few things. Firstly, he noted that Mr Zondi, for record purposes, should have listed his submissions. Further to that, the shortlisting criteria should be in accordance with Section 5.2 of the PanSALB Act. In terms of Section 59 of the Constitution, shortlisted candidates should be published for two weeks to allow for public participation. Parliament had taken a different hiring process, and those decisions were being challenged in the Constitutional Court for a process done a year ago. It is important to prevent the Portfolio Committee from being subjected to the same possible litigation.

The Chairperson thanked Dr Tembe and noted Mr Zondi's contribution.

Mr Zondi said he wanted to help the meeting by pronouncing his list of submissions as per the rule.

Ms Van Dyk concurred that she was going to remove a candidate from being shortlisted as they did not submit their documents.

Dr Tembe suggested that the Committee could now shortlist the names and publish them on the parliamentary website for public comments to avoid challenges arising from lack of public participation. He reminded Members about Section 5.2 of the Pan South African Language Board Act.

The Committee Secretariat read the list of shortlisted candidates and noticed that some Members gave names without last names, making it difficult to ascertain which candidates were being selected.

Mr Mthethwa said that he could not provide the list again as he could no longer access it. He was using a different gadget.

The Content Advisor assisted the Committee Secretariat in finding the names.

The Chairperson asked if the Committee Support could present the 25 names for shortlisting.

The Committee Secretariat noted Members selected some of the same names amongst each other. They asked the Members to trim the list from 31 to 25.

Mr Mthethwa suggested that Members should now select candidates based on their skills.

The Chairperson said that would be time-consuming.

Mr Mthethwa suggested removing six candidates from his proposals to balance the list.

The Chairperson said the Members had the CVs for two weeks and should have scrutinised them accordingly.

Adoption of Shortlisted Candidates List

The Committee consolidated the following list of shortlisted candidates.

  1. Professor Rosethal Lolie Makhubu-Badenhorst
  2. Ms Nalini Maharaj
  3. Ms Mulalo Jane Dzivhani
  4. Ms Naledi Maponopono
  5. Ms Lesle Jansen
  6. Ms Maseje Felicia Nchabaleng
  7. Ms Clarinda Elizabeth Simpson
  8. Doctor Rajendran Thangavelu Govender
  9. Mr Piet Amos Thokwana
  10. Mr Abdul Qadir Chogle
  11. Doctor Nomakhosazana Hazel Rasana
  12. Doctor Mpho Dellynah Mudau
  13. Doctor Napjadi Eugene Letsoalo
  14. Doctor Fio Dolly Gaebeng Dlavane
  15. Doctor Godfrey Vulindlela Mona
  16. Doctor Dakalo Takalani
  17. Advocate Nontutuzelo Njeza
  18. Advocate Matsobane Gabriel Mello
  19. Advocate Toto Jeremiah Fiduli
  20. Doctor Tsholofelo Masetshaba Mosala
  21. Doctor Cedric Vuyo Dyanti
  22. Doctor Xolani Khohliso
  23. Mr Christopher Alois Thulani Phewa
  24. Mr Kgomotso Manfred Molebaloa
  25. Ms Bontle Lorato Rasebopye

Mr Mthethwa moved to adopt the list.

Mr Zondi seconded the motion.

The list was adopted.

Closing remarks

The Chairperson thanked all the Committee staff and Members. She mentioned her plan to take an early retirement and conveyed her feelings of missing the Members and staff of this Portfolio Committee. She thanked them for their dedication and hard work, especially during challenging times.

The meeting was adjourned.


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