Postponed: Briefing by Operation Vulindlela on the progress made on Title Deeds

Human Settlements

22 November 2023
Chairperson: Ms R Semenya (ANC)
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Meeting Summary


The briefing on Operation Vulindlela was postponed due to the non-availability of the Executive.

The Committee dealt with its minutes.

The Committee finalised its oversight visit to Stellenbosch.

Meeting report

The Chairperson officially opened the meeting.

Apologies noted were from the Minister and Deputy Minister, who were attending a Cabinet meeting. Dr N Khumalo (DA) would be joining the meeting later.

The Chairperson explained that the main item on the agenda – Briefing by Operation Vulindlela on the progress made on title deeds – would have to be scheduled for a later date due to National Treasury’s unavailability for the current meeting.

The Chairperson requested the removal of this item from the agenda, and this motion was supported by Mr A Tseki (ANC), and Mr C Malematja (ANC).

The Chairperson went on to explain that the Minister of Finance was not the political leader of the Vulindlela programme, but the Minister of Human Settlements was. Since the Minister was absent from the current meeting, nothing could be discussed regarding Operation Vulindlela. The item would have to be discussed in a future special meeting wherein the Minister would be present.

Committee minutes

The agenda was amended, and the Chairperson requested that the Committee deal with its minutes.

Minutes for the following dates were considered:

  • 20 September 2023 – adopted with minor amendments to Members in attendance. Mr Tseki adopted these minutes and PMG did not catch the seconder
  • 21 September 2023 – these minutes were adopted by Mr Tseki and seconded by Ms N Sihlwayi (ANC)
  • 11 October 2023 – these minutes were adopted by Mr Malematja, and seconded by Ms Sihlwayi.
  • 13 October 2023 – Mr Tseki adopted these minutes and seconded by Ms M Makesini (EFF).
  • 18 October 2023 - These minutes were adopted by Mr Malematja and seconded by Mr Tseki.
  • 25 October 2023 - These minutes were adopted by Mr Tseki and seconded by Mr Malematja.
  • The minutes for 1 November 2023 were deferred

Committee programme

The Committee Secretariat alerted Members that Stellenbosch informal settlements would be visited on 24 November 2023. According to the draft programme, the visit would include different informal settlements, including Langrug, to observe living conditions. The meeting point for Committee Members would be the N1 Engen Garage at 08:30 in the morning. All Committee Members were to meet there and then proceed together to the informal settlements for security convenience.

Mr Malematja and Adv M Masutha (ANC) would not be in attendance for the visit.

Six Members’ attendance was confirmed.

The Chairperson said a complaint had been received regarding Committee Members' sudden cancellation of attendance at parliamentary events. This was wasteful expenditure and put Parliament in jeopardy with the Auditor-General of South Africa.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting.


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