(Subcommittee) Draft rules on Acting Chief Whip, Functions of Programming Whip, Committee Whip & Functions of Deputy Chairperson

NCOP Rules of the National Council of Provinces

18 November 2021
Chairperson: Ms S Lucas (ANC, Northern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The NCOP Subcommittee on Review of Council Rules met briefly to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting. It also agreed on the proposed draft rules and to forward this to the full rules committee for consideration.

Meeting report

Opening remarks

The Chairperson welcomed the Members back. She said that the Subcommittee had a productive week coming back from the Local Elections.

She queried if there were any apologies.

Mr L Nxelewa (Subcommittee Secretariat) said that he received an apology from Ms C Labuschagne (DA, Western Cape) as she is on sick leave.

The Chairperson said that the Subcommittee is duly quorated even in the absence of Ms Labuschagne and the apology was accepted.

Consideration of Meeting Agenda

The Chairperson asked Members if the meeting can move forward with the agenda.

Mr S Mohai (ANC, Free State) agreed to the adoption of the agenda.

Ms M Mokause (EFF, Northern Cape) seconded the move for the adoption of the agenda.

Consideration of Committee Minutes dated 16 November 2021

The Chairperson asked if Members could agree to adopt the proposed minutes as a true reflection of the meeting. She stipulated that all the proposals had been included into the minutes.

Ms Mokause moved for the adoption of the minutes stating that it is in order.

Mr Mohai agreed and second the motion for the adoption of the minutes.

Consideration of proposed draft rules on: Acting Chief Whip, Functions of Programming Whip, Committee Whip and Functions of Deputy Chairperson

The Chairperson asked the Subcommittee if it is possible to agree that the proposals have been properly captured in the Minutes and that it is a true reflection. She said that if so, this can be compiled with the full draft document that will be proposed to the Full Rules Meeting.

Mr Mohai agreed.

Ms Mokouse agreed that the proposals are correct and that it may be submitted.

Closing remarks

The Chairperson said that the draft proposal will be sent to the Full Rules Committee. The Subcommittee together with the Secretariat will ensure that the proposed draft encompasses all the proposals raised and what the Subcommittee envisions.

The meeting was adjourned.   


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