Economic Development Legacy Report

Economic Development

19 February 2019
Chairperson: Ms E Coleman (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee’s Legacy Report was tabled. Members were advised to read the report as it will be discussed in the next meeting.

Meeting report

Opening Remarks

The Chairperson greeted everyone and wished them a good year with campaigning for the 2019 elections. She noted that the term is coming to an end on 28 March; hence the need to make sure that by that time everything is concluded. Discussions of the report should have started in the previous week; due to circumstances beyond control, it had to be shifted to today.

Apologies were read out for members who were not able to attend.

Economic Development Legacy Report

The Chairperson said the purpose of the meeting was just to table the report and then Members can go back and look at the report. She noted that this is the Committee’s legacy and it has to be sure of what is being left behind. Therefore, there is a need to make sure that the report is clear and reflective of the work done for the past 5 years. Members were encouraged to go and look at the report and make sure that they are well represented by the report. If any of the members felt that there is an area which is not adequately represented, they should feel free to inform the Committee so that it can be resolved. Additionally, if any member felt that the report was overly representing the Committee they were free to table it so that it can be corrected.


The Chairperson opened the floor for members to express if they agreed or not with the proposal.

Mr I Pikinini (ANC) expressed that he had looked at the proposal and was in support of it.

The Chairperson then asked the members if anyone had any question in reference to the report or any seconder in support of Mr Pikinini.

Ms C Matsimbi (ANC) seconded in support of the proposal.

The Chairperson then concluded that Members would review the report and discuss it at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.



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