Sport & Recreation Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report

Sport, Arts and Culture

18 October 2018
Chairperson: Ms B Dlulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider and adopt a revised version of its Budget Review and Recommendations Report. The Content Advisor took Members through which parts of the Report were amended and which remained the same. The Report now outlined additional policies relevant to the Department, Committee recommendations made in March and the clean audit outcome

The Committee raised concerns about the late submissions of bills, the leaked South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee report, which the Minister was requested to present formally to the Committee, and overspending at Boxing SA.

Progress made on the laboratories of Drug-Free SA was noted.  

The amended Budget Review and Recommendations Report of the Portfolio Committee on Sports and Recreation was adopted.

Meeting report

The Chairperson handed over to the Committee’s Content Advisor to go through the final draft of the Report.    

The Content Advisor took Members through the revised version of the Report.

In section two, which had the overview of the key relevant policy focus areas, the Content Advisor noted that while the National Development Plan (NDP) Vision 2030 was relevant, there had to be an inclusion of the White Paper on Sports and Recreation and the National Sports and Recreation Plan which was very important as it was the policy document of the Department. Also included was the Transformation Charter on Sports Recreation as it went hand in hand with the National Sports and Recreation Plan as well as the NDP.

In section three, which had the summary of the previous key financial and non-financial performance recommendations of the Committee, the Content Advisor inserted recommendations made by the Committee in March.

Section four included an assessment of the Department’s 2017/18 financial year statements.

It was noted that the section of the Report which spoke to expenditure estimates per economic classification, in a previous draft, irregular and unauthorised expenditure was included. This has since been removed after there was discussion with the Department because it received a clean audit.

The Chairperson requested the Report indicate that the Department achieved a clean audit as confirmed by the Auditor-General.

The Committee was concerned about the late submission of bills by the Department as well as the leakage of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee report which was on social media. The Minister needed to provide the Committee with a specific date on which it will receive the report.

The Chairperson was not happy about overspending at Boxing SA. When the Department took the entity in it achieved little but now there were improvements although mistakes remained. It is important for Members to know what the Department contributed and what the Auditor-General said.  

The Chairperson noted the problem of the laboratory of Drug Free Sport in Bloemfontein where urine and blood samples could not be tested but would have to be taken abroad to countries like Doha. The matter was now resolved and the laboratory is fully functional.

Mr M W Filtane (UDM) noted that it was a norm at the end of the recommendations contained in the Report to shock the Minister to present an update report within a three month period to show what progress was made in implementing the Committee’s recommendations. It was not a social norm to show appreciation to one’s self as that was the job of other people.

The Draft Budget Review and Recommendations Report of the Portfolio Committee on Sports and Recreation was put forward for adoption. Mr S Mmusi (ANC) moved for adoption. The motion was seconded by Ms B Dlomo (ANC).

Committee Business

The Chairperson informed Members that she received an email from the Ambassador to Cuba requesting the Committee be part of a programme on 22 October. She was not sure if she could honour the request. The Committee Secretary was asked to take the request to the Deputy Speaker as the Committee knew its visit to Cuba was postponed and it was encouraged to reapply.

The meeting was adjourned


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