South African Law Reform Commission - Project 144 Single Marriage Statute Issue Paper 35

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Justice and Correctional Services

The Law Reform Commission has pointed out the availability for general information and comment of its project 144 (Issue Paper 35) dealing with the question of the possible adoption of a single marriage statute.

The main aim of this investigation, it says, is to explore the questions whether and how provision should be made for the adoption of single marriage statute. It notes a single marriage statute can take two forms – either a unified set of requirements (and possibly consequences) applying to all marriages – a single or unified marriage Act – or, alternatively, a single Act which contains different chapters which reflect the current diverse set of legal requirements for and consequences of civil marriages, civil unions, customary marriages, Muslim and possibly other religious marriages.

This issue paper is the first document published during the course of this investigation. It aims to announce the investigation, initiate and stimulate debate, seek proposals for reform, and will serve as a basis for further deliberation by the commission. At this stage the paper does not contain proposals for law reform.

Comments can be emailed to Pierre van Wyk at [email protected] by no later than Friday, 31 July 2019.