Foreign Service Bill [B35B - 2015]

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The Select Committee on Trade and International Relations invites you to submit written comments on the Foreign Service Bill [B35B - 2015].

The Bill seeks to:
▪ provide for the management, administration, accountability, and functioning of a professional Foreign Service of the Republic of South Africa;
▪ provide for the operational requirements that are suitable and supportive of the operations of the Foreign Service in a global environment.

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The closing date for written submissions is end of business day on Friday, 1 March 2019.

Issued by Mr ER Makue, MP, Chairperson: Select Committee on Trade and International Relations

One of the planned policy initiatives in the Strategic Plan 2012-2017 of DIRCO is to develop and table the Foreign Service Bill to provide for a single Foreign Service system for the Republic of South Africa. As South Africa’s democracy is maturing and its international relations footprint is found across the globe, especially on the African continent, the difficulties in the management and administration of the current fragmented Foreign Service system became evident. International relations are conducted in an increasingly complex world and the Foreign Service has to be able to respond appropriately and adequately to the ever changing environment. The realities of the operations of South Africa’s representations in foreign jurisdictions and the unique challenges that it creates on a daily basis for the proper management and administration of the missions and personnel abroad highlighted the need to pay attention to South Africa’s current Foreign Service system. In preparing the Bill, extensive research was done in respect of the Foreign Services of comparable countries. Specific attention was also given to the current legislation governing the public service sector and the security services in South Africa. International practice shows that for the effective execution of international relations a foreign service needs to be supported by an appropriate legislative framework that is flexible enough to address the challenges posed at an operational level in a global environment which is different from the domestic context.